Butt plug, kegels and sun

I’m a 35 year old female nurse, married. For a little while on any sunny day in the warmer months, before my husband gets home, I indulge in my little secret pleasure. I lay on my apartment balcony in the sun, naked. I put a thin layer of oil on my breasts and caress them in the warm sun. But as nice as that is it’s not the best part.

I lubricate and insert a butt plug, not too small or large but a bit long. I slowly clench and unclench my asshole in a recurring smooth rhythm. This accomplishes two sexually beneficial things. First, it delivers wonderful anal pleasure since my clenching asshole pulls the plug in nicely, and unclenching releases it slowly, but not all the way. I just repeat the cycle in pre-orgasmic pleasure. Second, the same muscles that clinch my sphincter also perform Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that are an important part of powerful and deeply intense orgasms. I’m often so horny when my husband gets home I just pull him onto and beg him to fuck my brains out, including a vigorous anal pounding. I almost always have a shuddering melting orgasm fairly quickly. My husband thinks it’s him, that he’s that good. Lol, I’ll let him think so. He loves it but has no idea about my secret that causes this horniness. Nobody knows about this but I was bursting to share….and recommend it.

Jul 25
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    • I watch with binoculars from my balcony, you're a hottie

    • Love to see you on the balcony

    • Lucky husband!!

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