Cannot reach prostate orgasm

I'm 30, when I was younger I could lay flat on my back on the bathroom floor and finger myself for roughly 5 minutes and have the biggest hands free orgasm imaginable. Like my whole body convulsing out of control my butt hold clenching down on my finger on its own. This would last for several minutes. I've been trying everything under the moon to make it happen lately but I've had no luck! I've tried fingers, vibrator, hair brush with big handle. I search for my prostate but can't seem to find it towards my belly. Although there is a spot a few inches inside toward my back side that feel good when I rub it but nothing happens. I just got done trying a new vibrator and It just wasn't doing it. I'm sitting on the toilet now feeling like I have to poo. Any advice?

Jul 25
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    • I can make you cum.

    • Op here: although I'm not gay I ended up trying anal with a guy I met on DL. I enjoyed the sensation but didn't reach orgasm. I had him finger me too and he also said he couldn't feel my prostate. So I'm feeling hopeless at this point. Don't know what else to try. I tried all positions with him, best being missionary with him pulling out slowly each time. Thank you all for your advice.

    • Buy a thrusting prostate vibrator. You will thank me later. Feels so good

    • My wife is into playing with my ass with didlos and her strapon . We figured out that when I am on my back she puts a pillow under my back and I hold my legs up over my head and she fucks my ass with her big black didlo I have the biggest hands free orgasm. I cum all over myself and every time she pushes it back into my ass a little more cum drips out of my cock. It's the best feeling ever cumming like that.

    • I bought a dildo and can't seem to find the spot. Need a real man's cock belonging to somebody who knows how to use it.

    • Maybe try a real cock up there

    • I'm straight

    • Do you want anal stimulation or to keep trying with no results. All depends on how bad you want this. A real dick will send you into extacy! It feels so much better than dildos.

    • I don't see how it would be any different. I have a dildo I can ride and one I can put on the wall and back up to. I have noticed some days it's hard to get them in and other days they slide right in no problem. They feel best coming out, I don't get much pleasure when they're in me other than the idea of having it inside me.

    • Real dick just fits, like it's made to do what that dildo is fabricated to do. Think of a fake pussy, feels great but nothing like the real thing! Unless he's 3 inches you'll go fucking crazy! Real dicks are made to fuck! Though supposedly straight women, I beg to differ as there's nothing like the feel of a warm cock fucking your ass!

    • I'm just not in to men like that. I couldn't do it. I have posted an ad looking for an experienced man to finger me to completion. Will see where that goes.

    • I'm in the same boat. I started playing anally not long after I started masturbating around 12. I had several toys that I had stolen from my friends' mom's. When I was a teen and in my 20's, damn near all I had to do was sit on a dildo and I would erupt! I started losing that back door sensitivity in my 30's. I just turned 40, and dildos and vibrators and plugs don't do anything for me anymore, although I do still like the feeling of toys in my ass. Riding doesn't bring me to orgasm on its own anymore, I usually have to jerk it while riding. My doctor says my prostate is just fine, so I'm not really sure what has caused the desensitivity.

    • Glad you're healthy, now shove your hand up there and find it. I lost a toy once and found out that I could get my whole hand in there. I was on a military assignment and had picked up a dick shaped butt plug in a sex shop. I thought the base was wide enough and when I clenched down on it as i was jacking off. My asshole slurped it right in. Like made thr slurp... sound and all. I wasn't about to go to the ER on base in a damn foreign country!!! There's DR Confidentiality but we have to see each other during trainings etc. and thry all knew me as im a Medical Technician! So I lubed my ass and hand liberally and went to work. After a lot of coaxing, got my hand in, felt the dildo, i was in extacy from the extreme pleasure and pain. I grabbed it and pulled it out. Whew I saved the day, so I had to finish. I reinsert my hand and felt for my prostate and massaged it with my index finger and middle finger. My thumb was the wrong way with either hand. I kept rubbing until I felt the urination feeling from the prostate massage and and aimed my dick towards my face with my other hand. I exploded and shot cum all over my face, my pillow and stomach. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I did throw away that stupid butt plug. I felt sorry for my house girl I hired ( cheal in Korea). I requested a sheet change. I left her a 50 dollar tip with a note saying sorry for the mess on the sheets as there was dried cum, blood and some fecal matter on the. Dknt judge mr i had ny hand up my asshole!!! I came back after work and there was a note, looks like you had good time, maybe I can join you next time. That's another story, Asian women have soft hands and are very passionate lovers, she mkved in until I left the country!

      Damn, I got carried away... try your hand or a sexy Asian woman's, it's better than any toy! I'm 55 and still have a sensitive prostate, but like you toys no longer do it. My wife cam make me cum without even touching my dick!

    • You should see your doctor with this information. You could have issues with your prostate. Not that you've shoved everything in thr house up there but issues reaching stimulation. There's usually an underlying issue, maybe prostititus, an infected prostate, as wall have your PSA checked for lrostate cancer. Not trying to alarm you but being real here.

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