Sex with the Ex

So my ex wife ended up marrying a cousin a couple years after we divorced. I have no issue with that at all but it’s awkward still seeing her at family functions. Well, awkward and awesome. We’ve remained friendly after divorcing, but certainly not friends with benefits. Last weekend a large group of extended family was at a family camp in Maine. The cabin was full of people and there were tents scattered around the grounds too. I was solo in a tent and my ex and cousin were sleeping in the cabin.

I’m a morning wood guy. Need to fuck or masturbate around 6am pretty much daily. Well, you guessed it. At 6am Sunday morning my ex shows up at my tent while everyone was sleeping. She slips in, removes her shorts and panties, climbs into my sleeping bag and without speaking a word proceeds to suck my cock very briefly, then straddle me and ride my cock like she hadn’t been fucked in years. She came in about three minutes and I came right after her. Then she dismounted, wiggled out of my sleeping bag, put on her clothes and left. It was almost like a dream, except my sleeping bag that needed a good cleaning of pussy juice and cum told me it was quite real.

Jul 23
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    • My ex was a slut - had several secret affairs after we marred as teens. ran off and left me and our 4 kids (6, 7, 9 & 12) after 18 yrs.
      Yeah - lots of women do that - but this gal ran off with 2 guys!...both much younger.
      Anyway - HER minister talked her into trying a night at a hotel with me. "See if things can be mended"
      She showed up, pissed-off, dropped her jeans and panties, sucked me off like nobody else can do!, mounted me, I mounted her. We fucked long into the night....she likes it "hard!" when she's ready to cum.
      It was great!...she fell asleep in just her bikini panties. I sat the on the bed and masturbated looking at her super-sexy little tight ass! I hate her - but I love her body!
      She got up in the morning and left with one of her lovers....
      The other one brought her late to court, for the divorce. Even her lawyer was sick of her.
      But - damn could that girl fuck!!

    • Same with me. I can cum just looking at my blonde exes muscular, curvy body and relish that I fucked her non-stop for years and impregnated her three times.

    • Hopefully it will continue.
      I have sex with my ex on occasion.
      After 7 years of marriage, she admitted she was having an affair with a co-worker and wanted a divorce. We share custody of our daughter. After we'd been split up for 2 years she comes over early to pickup our daughter which was still at the movies with her friends. We still talk as friends and I thought it was odd she came over early. I asked her how things are going. She vented and told me not well, he drinks and stays gone all the time golfing or fishing with his friends. Then she said it had been 3 months since they'd had sex. Still pissed on the way she snuck around on me, I asked, 'what do you say to a good romp in the sheets for old time sake.'
      Surprisingly, she jumped at the offer and we ran to the bedroom like horny teenagers on prom night. lol
      She admitted later that's why she came over early.

    • My ex was so slutty she fucked me during our contentious divorce and after. Sex was not the problem with our marriage but the snakes in her head.

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