Cum Loving Aunt

I discovered my aunt two years younger than mom enjoys getting cum on her from younger guys. She's a curvy pear shape woman that secretly teases males around my age with her body while trying to masturbate them off. I experienced her when she walked in on me while my boner was pitching a tent from her pear shape body and broad ass.
She asked if she could help release the sperm pressure that I had and she wouldn't mind. She exposed her breasts and pulled the sheet off me saying she'll masturbate me if I let her. She wanted to find out how much sperm her nephew had. " It will be exciting jerking that big hard cock ! " she said with a smile.
She began slowly pulling on my dick rubbing it's head across her slightly saggy tits. Then she began to speed up her movements telling me to cum. She blurted out, " Cum for me baby ! Shoot that sperm onto your filthy aunt's tits and face, shoot it ! " I told her I wanted to unload onto her cunt that was wedged between her fat thighs. She removed her bottoms and held her legs up while I masturbated all over her cunt hole. She swiped my sperm with her finger and put it in her mouth and said, " Thank-you my big cock nephew ! Let's do it again in the future but in both holes doggy style.

Jul 23
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Before computers I traded nude pictures of my wife with stranger

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    • This happened one evening when my son was fifteen years old. After he'd gone to bed, I went to his room, sat down by the bedside and began kissing him; my tongue was darting in and out of his mouth. Then, putting my hand under the bed-clothes, I began to caress his young cock. I continued to kiss and play with him for some time.
      My son begged of me not to stop, and, within minutes, his dick jerked and he covered my hand with his creamy, thick sperm.
      The next morning, my son came to my room, holding his cock in his right hand.
      I rubbed and squeezed it; then passing the other hand between my thighs, I tickled and played with my breasts, squeezing my nipples to give me that extra pleasure. I continued rubbing his cock gently until he finished spunking off.
      Two days later, I went naked to my son's room. Without saying a word, I got on my hands and knees, showing him my aching cunt.
      He immediately thrust his weapon into my sex hole. When it was completely buried in it, he began to fuck me furiously. After almost ten minutes, he took his rampant cock out of my wet cunt, forced it into my mouth, and a shower of his sperm hit the back of my throat.
      I swallowed everything he had to give me. It was much creamier and thicker than his father's.

    • Sure hope you gave her what she wanted

    • This story brought back some memories!
      My aunt T**e, mom's youngest sister, is 4 years older than me. Mom was one of the oldest and there was a couple of divorces with my grandparents along the way. T**e was a surprise with grandpa's last wife.
      In the summer, T**e would take me to the lake or pool. OMG! For a teenage boy seeing his aunt in a tiny bikini flirting with guys, shaking her tight a$$ was hard not to wank to her every chance I could.
      One time we were alone and didn't have money to get in the pool & the car was low on gas. She was laying out back in a white bikini. I was having a hard time hiding my erection. She was fun & flirty. She untied her top and asked what I thought. She stuck her hand in my shorts and the touch of her soft hands made me explode. She laughed.

    • My sexy, single mom is the neighborhood cumdump.

      I get a lot of shit from the kids in the neighborhood and at school about my mom.

      She gets blackout drunk a lot. Sometimes the guy - sometimes guys - stay overnight; but usually they leave, and my mom has a pussy full of sperm.

      I'm almost 15, and for over a year, to get back at mom, I have been fucking her while she's unconcious, since none of the girls in the neighborhood will give me the time of day because of my mom.

      I'm a good looking, fit guy, who gets good grades; but my mom has made me a social pariah.

      My mom's birth control has failed. I hope she gets an abortion, because it would suck if I'm the dad; even though, the odds are very low.

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