A woman's nature is to kiss his dick when he tells you to

The scene, his office, my review, his offer. "Kiss my dick". A nano second and I said 'fuck off'. And you're terminated'. My word against his. My work performance was bad, I hated my job. Now I was unemployed.

I was referred to a job by an agency. The hiring manager told me to stand up, and pull my shoulders back and 'show off those puppies'. I needed the job and wore discreet tops. Many weeks later, I was no longer on probation, a Friday night happy hour he grabbed me by the crotch. I crossed my legs trying to pull his hand off. I was looking up to at him, I made the mistake of letting him lock eyes with me. I slowly surrendered letting him regrab my crotch.

I sat on his lap, my shirt open, my 'puppies' in his face, his hands on my ass. I opened my legs, let him 'fuck' me. I laid back and took it.

I am embarrassed that I lost my backbone. That I let him 'look' me into kissing his dick. Opening my legs completely, showing off my tits for him. I never thought I would be fucking the boss. But I am, and when he grabs my 'pussy' I melt all over again.

Jul 22
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    • My wife was fucked by so many of her bosses!
      My fav story of hers is the time she went to 'see his new office' - and in a very few minutes this lawyer whom she barely knew from her work in the courthouse - unzipped and stood in front of her - and was holding her pretty blonde head and proceeded to face-fuck her! "My wife never lets me - and if she does - she never lets me cum in her mouth.....so, could you, please honey?"
      My wife likes sucking men off. And she swallows.
      No - they weren't drinking!....she just really has trouble with aggressive men...something about her years with a grumpy father who was never satisfied with anything she did.

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