I’m the smallest dick my wife’s ever had

This is really affecting my mind. My wife was talking with her friends, they had a girls night at our house and they were drinking on the patio. I was watching TV inside. When it would go to commercial or there was a low point in the sound I could hear them talking but otherwise they were out of my earshot. It was about 10:30, I went to the bathroom and paused the TV, and I could hear them well. They were talking about sex. My ears perked up. I went to our bedroom close to the window just inside from where they were talking on the outside. One woman was talking about her new boyfriend, how he’s good in bed, and my wife asked if he had a big dick. I was shocked my wife would ask that. Her friends all giggled, and her friend said he was a little bigger than average which was perfect for her. Then they all started talking about big dicks, and my wife told them “my husband definitely doesn’t have a big dick”, I couldn’t believe she would say that. I’m 5”, which is about average and she’s never complained. Someone asked “have you ever dated a guy with a really big dick?” And my wife answered “oh yeah, all my boyfriends had bigger dicks than my husband, poor thing. I really like how they could hit all the right spots in me, it felt so good, sometimes I miss having a big dick but that’s what I have a toy for” they all laughed and talked about their big dick experiences. I was listening and just completely destroyed. I didn’t want to face the group when they came inside, I turned off the tv and went to bed. I could hear them talking about more sex, my wife going on about sex stories of her past lovers, how she had sex with 8 other guys before she met me and places she had sex at and on and on. All the ladies were very open about telling their sexual preferences and past experiences. Then my wife says “I used orgasm all the time with my old boyfriends, but never once with my husband, he’s just so small and doesn’t know what he’s doing” they all laughed, and some of the women had similar reactions and thoughts. They came inside at about 12 am, I was in bed, my wife called my name and I pretended to be asleep. She opened our door and turned on the light and came in with all her friends, they all said goodbye and goodnight to me, they laughed and I just felt so humiliated. One said “good night little man” and they all burst out in laughter. My wife came back to the room when they left and I pretended to be asleep. She went to the bathroom, and the shower started. I could hear her moaning, she had to have been masturbating. She finished and came to bed and fell asleep. I can’t believe what happened and I can’t really say anything without opening the hurt again.

Jul 22
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    • My husband is definitely the smallest dick that I've ever had. But we fell in love with a young age and he has allowed me to have lovers all since we were married. My current BBC boss is nine and a half it's been fucking my pussy for over 10 years now. He is a great guy and they have become really good friends. He even stays with us two to three nights a week and we have talked about him moving in full time. This lifestyle may not work for everybody but it definitely saved our marriage. It's great to have two good looking men that satisfy you in different ways. I love both of them very much

    • I met my wife after college. When she moved in with me I found a box from her college days. I knew she was a cheerleader but didn't know she dated one of the black basketball players. My wife is 5ft and petite. Looking at her college pics she probably weighted 100lb. The guy was very dark, full of tattoos & probably almost 7ft tall and insanely muscular. There were numerous pics of him holding her up with one arm.
      I asked how serious they were. She answered, 'we were sexually active but he went to Europe to play pro so we ended it'. I started to ask my next question and she shut me off and told me not to worry about that and she's happy with me.

    • I know that I have the smallest dick that my wife has ever had or seen I was surprised that she even married me. On a good day I am about 2 inches hard and you can't really see it when I am soft because it goes up inside of me. We have an agreement that she can be with other men when she's really horny and wants to be fucked by a real cock. I am okay with it because I understand that I can't please her in that way. I do other things to her like eating her pussy when she wants me to and I wear a strapon sometimes so it's like we are having sex. She's never embarrassed me in front of others about my tiny penis so I guess I'm lucky for that. She will use her mouth to make me cum other than that we love each other.

    • My wife told me I had a small dick and I think one of her friends . Its 6-1/2" hard like 2 to 3 soft. Well I decided to go let other try I fucked about 100 not one complain. I think cause my wife has had two black cocks and maybe some others that were bigger but I'm cool with it

    • Once a woman gets stretched out nothing else is the same. Just speaking from experience

    • That's B.S.~!
      The female body is elastic - it can take big and small. Much of the pleasure is centered around how the clitoris is touched.....not a banana in the vagina.

    • You tell yourself that all day but in the end a big dick feels much better inside and hits the internal orgasm spots that a small dick just doesn’t.

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