Wife's panties

I've been married to my wife for 13 years. We are both 37 and live in NC. For the past 13 years when she's not home I wear her panties and bras and do my self in secret. There is nothing better then feeling like I'm a little slut but wearing her lingerie while doing it.

I know if she ever caught me she'd flip her shit but I can't stop myself.

Jul 20
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    • My wife put me in panties a little over 10 years ago. Said that I had a very small package and it would be sexy if I wore them. Was really reluctant at first but she cleaned the drawer out and replaced all my underwear with panties.

    • Nice to see you are still at wearing those panties behind Sabrina's back. You got to do what makes you feel comfortable.

    • Who's Sabrina?

    • I put a pair of my wife's panties on as a joke one time and walked out wearing them she was shocked at first and laughed about it. She had me turn around so she could see my ass in them and I started to take them off but she said no leave them on and I kept wearing them all day for her. I have to admit that panties are very comfortable to wear and they feel great she ended up buying me panties for me to wear every day and got rid of my men's underwear all together. We have fun with it and she likes to see how far I am willing to go with it I keep my body shaved smooth from the neck down and I were thigh high stockings and panties for her some guys my think that I am a sissy but it feels great. I don't think that I would fully dress up like a woman that's going to far. As long as she thinks that it looks sexy I will keep wearing panties for her.

    • Luv wearing the wife panties and feeling like a slut whore ready to get used.

    • I like wearing panties and lingerie too

    • I have been secretly wearing panties for all 31 years of my mariage. My wife would leave me for sure if she found out.

    • OP here and I agree with you. Mine definitely would not find it a turn or turn it into a game. It's why I keep it hidden and have for the past 13+ years

    • My wife picks mine out daily for me! I'm in a pink satin thong right now while at work. I'm so hard and know when I see them on the end of the bed when I get up it's gonna be one hell of an evening. Sometimes I'm so wet and i have came in them just from the excitement before. Then i get punjshed, but in a good way! Strapon, fisted, flogged, tied up, chastity etc.

    • My wife has had me wear a pair a couple timez

    • I'm straight and my wife puts me in panties often. Actually I wear and prefer wearing them daily as to men's undies. They fit, feel and caress you better than what I've found for men. There are some panties out there for men but many are over the top or just not as comfortable as just wearing women's. Make it her idea to out you in them and always keep it her idea! Lost bets are the best to make things happen you wouldn't normally do. I bet my wife a BJ one day, she said, ok but who are you gonna suck if you lose. I was more thinking earing pussy but was 100$ sure of myself. Well I lost and she made me pay up with a coworker of hers. Not gonna lie, I loved it and had panties on while doing it. Makenit her idea and just go along with wherever it leads you!

    • I'm the original poster and I can say I have had my suspicious over the years she's thought I was not straight. But I am to scared to outright come out. But if she does know she has no admitted she knows.

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