My first time trying anal

I had just gotten my drivers license and decided it was time to explore my sexuality. CL was popular at the time so I posted an ad. I got several responses. Only one of them was local, he was a contractor in my area and told me we could go to one of the houses he was currently building. We met up, I remember seeing him and not being attracted to him because he was older but I was so curious to explore I just went with it. He drove me to a lake house he told me about. We went inside and he showed me around. Told me he built it and how he's married but secretly gay. I told him I was curious. There was no furniture in the house so I didn't know how it was going to work but he told me to take my pants off. I start unzipping and he's already on his knees. He pulls my dick out and says OMG right before he put it in his mouth. He was so in to it, I was still nervous. He laid back on the floor and pulled me in and had me face fuck him. I was really close to Cumming from that. He then had me lay on my back while he starts sucking me and licking my balls. He asks if he can fuck me I said go for it. He got on top of me with no lube, looking back at it I can't believe it. He starts trying to force himself inside me I'm in a ton of pain he keeps reassuring me its ok. Finally he's in and he starts fucking me, it hurt so bad, I tell him it hurts but he says it'll start feeling better. He's fucking me like I'm a porn start, way too hard and aggressive. He starts moaning and busts all inside me. I'm pissed at this point like wtf. He pulled out and I went to roll over to get up and he pulls me right back in to doggy and starts fucking me again. This time it didn't hurt, I guess his cum lubricated my butt. He's pounding me and moaning. Literally within a minute or so I feel a huge build up and I start shaking, clinching, the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I didn't cum a drop which I thought was odd. He pulled out, we went our separate ways. Now that I'm older I know who he is. One of the biggest builders in my area. Married, 2 kids, very well known.

Jul 18
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    • I saw one of my father's friends on a site looking for men, id recently discovered my bi side and decided to message him, why don't you call over after work one evening Frank said, I told my wife that I was working late, cmon in Frank said as I knocked his door, I told him my story and he called me a dirty boy! What do you think you can do with this son? Frank pulled his cock out and it was huge, I got him hard in my mouth and he ruined my arsehole

    • I use to go to work with my dad to construction sites and learned lot's. Sucking and getting my boipussy fucked before I was 12.

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