Trans escort

Several years ago I found an escort on BP I though was a (black) female. I got to the hotel, walked in, everything seemed normal, we chatted a bit before getting down to business. We kissed a little and she started by giving me head, then asks me where I want her. I said on top. She pulls her shorts off and to my surprise out pops a decent sized semi hard cock. I panicked, she could tell. She says is this your first time? I told her I thought she was female, she claimed the ad said she was a "t girl". She pulled up the ad and sure enough she was right I must've over looked it. I decided to go through with it and I'm glad I did. It was the best sex I've ever had til this day. She rode me like no girl ever has. I finished with her on her back, I remember her cock was stiff laying on her belly, I kinda wanted to grab it and jerk it but I was too nervous. I really regret not playing with it. What was strange was it didn't feel like I was doing anal. And I even had a little white cream on my dick like I was in a pussy. I wish I had her number.. good times!

Jul 18
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    • Male ass is bigger than female ass. More accommodating. You should get with him again now that you’re more comfortable.

    • I love the way a mans ass squeezes my cock when they cum. Totally makes me fill that tight ass full of juicy hot cum

    • T-girls are GOLD!
      I was stationed in Korea a few years ago when I accidentally hooked-up with my first one. We met at a club and she was freaking gorgeous in a tight mini dress! Great kisser! Things got hot and she offered to come back to my room for 'fun'. I was a little shocked at first. It looked like a pinkie finger and hard but the rest of her body was HOT! I she gave me head and put lube in her a$$. At first I had thoughts but she'd already gave me head and I doing anal. I put on a condom and OMG! Best s e x ever! Now I'm hooked.
      I'm back in the states and use a popular app to meet and hookup with hot T-girls.

    • Hot. Now make her cum!

    • Yea if ever in themis situation again, you should go for it. Anal is amazing against your prostate and cum is delicious. You misses out on an amazing experience T Girls are usually a lot of fun!

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