Watching her have sex

I met my now wife when we were 19. Were weren’t exclusive and we both dated other people. She loved at her parent’s house and it was 1997. After hanging with my friends I’d go over to her house, park down the street, walk up to the side of the house where her bedroom window was and knock, she’d let me in and we’d have sex and I’d spend the night and sneak out in the morning before her parent’s woke up or after they left for work.

I wasn’t the only guy she was doing this with. One night, while she was going down on me I heard a knock on the window. She ignored it and I asked her if she heard it and she said no it was nothing.

One night night I came over really late, maybe 2 am, and her bedroom light was dim, I walked up to the window like usual but I could see that it was already slightly opened and that music was playing inside. I crept up and peeled in and watched her being fucked by another guy. Her legs were opened and he was on top pumping up and down, her feet bouncing with every pump. That image is burned in my memory. I watched her get fucked. He finished and they laid there naked, he held her and they kissed and were going to sleep, just like her and I would do.

This turned me on a lot, I wanted to watch her more and more. I’d come by late and walk up and if she was with someone I’d watch and jerk off, if she wasn’t I’d knock and come in and fuck her myself. This was a great set up for me, win/win. I watched her have sex with 3 other guys on separate occasions over about 6 months that this went on. I watched her suck dicks, do all types of positions, and really got to see what she liked.

One night I caught the very end of sex, her and a guy were in the room, she was naked on the bed and he was getting dressed. I watched for a bit as they kissed and then I started walking back to my car. I watched as he walked to his car and left, then I got up up the nerve to go to her window and see what she’d do next. I walked up to the window and she was putting on pajamas. I knocked. She came to the window and opened it and said it wasn’t a good night, to call her in the morning. I said I needed her, I said I couldn’t go home because of some drama and told her to please let me in. She let me in. I got undressed and she said we couldn’t have sex tonight, and I said that’s okay. We laid down and I held her, kissed her, and pushed my hard on against her butt, and asked if we could just have a quickie, that I missed her so much. She said okay, and I had sloppy seconds for the first time. It felt so good, her pussy was warm and gooey. I came in her and she went to clean up and I couldn’t believe what we had just done. I was hooked.

From then on, it was my mission to catch her having sex, then wait and come in after and have sex with her sloppy used pussy. Kissing her sweaty face and tits, kissing her dirty used mouth.

One of the hottest things was going down on her unexpectedly, she gasped, I could tell it made her nervous because I might say something about her having already had sex. I didn’t, I just licked her clit and then had sex with her. Another night, I wanted anal, she said no, and I asked why, she usually never said no to anything, and she admitted “I just had anal recently and can’t do it again for a few days, it’ll hurt” I was so turned on. I had watched her get fucked doggy but didn’t know he was in her ass. I was in her pussy, and fingered her ass, and asked again “please let me put it up your ass” she let me, and I got her sloppy anal seconds. Anal seconds is the most incredible feeling there is. Warm gooey asshole, loosened up and ready to go without the preparation, just slid right in.

I married her. I love her. She doesn’t know what I saw or what I loved about our beginning. She probably thinks she got away with being skanky. I’ll never tell her.

Jul 18
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    • This is SO hot! I think it's a shame that you don't let her know how much you know. Who knows what an open, honest conversation about how much it turned you on could lead to?

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