Caught my bud taking my wife's used panties!

One night my drunk bud said he was getting so horny after his recent break-up. Then he pulled something from his jeans pocket and said, "I just really need to borrow these!"
My mouth fell open when he showed me that he'd taken a pair my wife's bikini panties from the hamper in our bathroom!
"WTH? cant do that!" It was not a stretch to imagine what he was going to do with my cute wife's 'used' panties!
She is a looker - 27, 5'7", 130, cute butt in her tight shorts and jeans. Nice camel toe most often!
Blonde hair and blue eyes....wears her hair long and curled. She flirts a bit, too!
She does not mind men checking her out......
He pleaded with me to let him take them home - he promised to return them in a few days.
I wondered what kind of shape they'd be in when he brought them back.

Welllll.....I said OK. Why? Something about this whole thing was making me horny!
I have a real thing about the panties a female wears! Always have had this 'thing'. I'd almost rather see a girl in tight tiny panties with a wedgie than a naked spread crotch!
So, he brought them back, I slipped them into the laundry (black, and she has many black bikinis - on a blonde girls' butt they are striking! and she knows this)
Next time over he took a pair of white lace from the hamper .....he showed them to me....and it made us both start to stiffen! I remembered fucking her in those - slid to the side! this started to really escalate when I mentioned one night during foreplay with her that our friend really liked her panty lines, and .....was asking me for a pair of her panties to take with him when he moved back to California.
She asked for details - and took another gulp of her wine.....I told her that he was asking me to get her very aroused and to push her panties up tight between her legs, getting them moist and full of her smells!
I thought she was going to yank my dick off when I said that - she was giving me a hand job - and got really turned on by the whole thing! When she finally pulled her tongue out of my mouth ...She said, "OK, let's give him a really nice pair of my underwear to remember me by!"
With that she lay on top of me and told me to pull her panties tight up into her butt cheeks while she ground herself on my thigh! We got her panties super filled with her smell and moisture!
Afterwards we fucked like newlyweds - with the panties still on her left thigh! She slid them off for me and sealed them in a sandwich bag - "to keep them fresh!"
Yes, they smelled just like her cunt!
At the airport she gave him a nice kiss and a hug - whispering in his ear to "enjoy these!" while she handed him a small wrapped package with a pink bow.
Hell - I still masturbate about this - so I know he's enjoying himself out there!

Jul 15
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    • Back in craigslist days, I responded to an ad by a college girl selling her dirty panties, met her in a coffee shop and bought a pair from her, oh so very good, she was a creamy squirter and would make sure there was some slight anal stain for me too. Met her 3 or 4 times to chat and buy. Nothing sexual ever happened between us but she loved hearing in detail how I used them. Fun times but then I moved across the country.

    • I stuck a pair of my thongs in my husbands bf's coat pocket.
      Nick and my husband were in the Army together. I used to put a pair of my thongs in my husbands pants. They were hanging out one night drinking and Nick let it slip that he knew about it because my husband would show them off. Being a tease I put a pair in Nick's coat.

    • I used to think that this "smelling woman's panties" was so much bunk. Then a coworker asked me to watch her house for a week while she was on vacation. She gave me her garage door opener so I could turn the water on to water her flowers.
      I noticed in the corner by washing machine was a basket of dirty clothes. I guess that she was in too much of a hurry to wash before she left. I fought the urge for 3 days then I went thru the basket.
      You really can smell her sent, it was really strange. I don't know what was more exciting, smelling them or the thought of doing something naughty.
      Didn't have the guts to take a pair, she might be 60, but she wears some serious sexy and expensive panties

    • An aged woman's pussy smells different and too erotic, and so her used panties! I love them.

    • Next he is going to tell you that he wants to fuck your wife. Will you tell him that he can and watch while he fucks her and comes deep inside her?

    • Only if I get to clean her up! Thus is a good thing, not as bad as you might think!

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy secretions

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