Initiation sex

Back in high school during the spring I got a job after school at an Ace hardware store in the lawn department. There was an older man, Russell, who worked there and charged a fee for working in his department. The fee could only be paid by giving him head and letting him fuck you. I got fucked right off the bat. He didn't give me a chance to even think about it. He got me in the garden supply container and fucked me over the mulch bags. I got the message, my sixteen year old ass hurt but I was mostly embarrassed and demeaned.

Russell kept control by demeaning you, forcing you to clean the bathroom. He also took you into the toilet when he was taking a shit and you had to wipe his ass and flush. You had to wipe his ass real good and wash it with a paper towel, because you had to lick his ass after he took a shit. Also suck his dick, and let him fuck you. It took a few weeks until you were totally broken in and you knew to wipe your ass and wash it because he liked to rim you and he got real pissed if you hadn't wiped your ass right. Most of the fucking took place in the container. It got hot later on in the summer, but you had to pay your dues.

One young man got his initiation and went home and complained to his father. His father had him confess to the manager and Russell was fired with some sort of settlement. It didn't do the kid any good, the word got out that Russell was fired because he fucked the kid in the container. Everyone knew the kid had been fucked. That puts you at the absolute bottom of the school caste system.

With Russell gone another man took over and we all had to suck him and show him respect and that we could take it like a man. All the boys hired for those jobs during the spring and summer sucked cock and fucked. It was a 'secret' society, and once in a while you confessed to your friend which man you really liked and which one you didn't like, and how you liked it, hard and nasty, or if you were one that needed to be kissed and fondled first.

It also got us to know who was gay and who wasn't and we had the pick of the litter when it came time for picking a tenth grader when you were a senior.

Jul 13
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    • In TX I worked for a rich white chubby woman in her late 50s. She liked to be fucked in her ass - WOW! what a smooth one once you get yours into her hole whole!!

    • Great story. I worked for a rich guy once in my early twenties (and I looked younger) who had all young men working for him. We were all straight but he turned every damn one of us. It wasn’t just the sex, although I loved that. He treated you like a friend and took us on trips and wined and dined. He just wanted some young cock when he wanted it. Sucking cock and swallowing. That was his thing. Then he wanted you to kiss him while he jerked off. The funny thing is all of us young men were straight around each other. Never acknowledging to each other that we were his whores. But for him we were whatever he wanted.

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