Almost all your bosses fucked you!!?

My wife alluded often to how many of her former bosses ended up as her lovers.
They were always older, some much older; all were married - except for one guy who was engaged!
One night I got her very drunk and decided to get more details from her!
"How did you manage to end up in bed with so many of your bosses....even when you were 17 and working for you best friend's dad at his lumber yard?!"
She finally....finally! - was so drunk this night and feeling very comfortable with her hidden naughty nature - that she sat back and told me some very sexy stories. Especially for a guy who is a big voyeur, like me - they were great!
"Skirts!" she said.
"Skirts honey! - I have nice legs - and I like to wear skirts to work. Short skirts get them every time. I wear them down. They try to be 'good' and not look up the skirt of the teenager with the sexy legs. So my skirts lips up more and more, I bend too much, squat with my knees not together. Eventually I give them the killer treatment; Panty Shots!"
"See - his daughter's teenaged best friend has really nice legs, a cute little ass ....and now I'm letting him get peeks way up my young thighs,,,,,to the Mother Land of my pantied crotch!"
"I've been flashing my bosses and supervisors - even interesting co-workers - my panties in short skirts for years. It works every time! I'm getting asked to secret dinners - 'my wife mustn't hear of this, OK? - no talking at the office!?"
I've been taken on business trips which were nothing but 3 days of sex with the old boy!"
"Sex in their cars, sex in my car!, sex on their desk, sex under their desk - me!, sex in a cab, elevator, airplane, hotels, library once!, sex in the bathroom at parties. She loves giving head and swallows - and that got around in the old-boy clubs.
"Why do I do it? I don't know - I was such a nothing in school and suddenly I found that if I hike my skirts guys get stupid turned-on by my body!"
She really has great a great figure and a pretty face under her long blonde hair. Her mom kept her skirts long, never allowed make-up and her dad cut her pretty blonde hair like a dutch kid. she never ha a chance to discover how attractive until she was ready to get a job and leave home.
So, she went a little over-board for 12 or so years - but she's pretty comfortable with her self these days - but I do love to get her tipsy because out comes that naughty adventurous side of her.
Short skirts and crotch shots.
Women have it easy!

Jul 12
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    • My wife told me that when she was 18 she worked at a large car dealership in payroll, she and her boss would work on thursday night to get the checks, worked until about 9, he started fucking her every thrusday night. she said he was about 50 and horny all the time, hard for a single woman to refuse, she needs the job and money and giving her boss a blow job and some pussy was something that come natural, happy to do it.

    • I asked my wife about this and she felt that it was way more common than guys think. Usually the boss is older and married and has been doing this with select female employees for years. She also said other female coworkers would “feel-out” a female worker for the boss before he approached the new-be. My wife’s body took off at puberty and she had learned how to suck cock at 15 at the guidance of a 27 year old bf of her sister. At 17 when her boss cornered her in a fitting room she had decided “No!”, but he was so handsome and nice, then when he unzipped his pants, out popped the largest cock she had seen at that point. She said though he was almost 40, she couldn’t resist. In the end, he just restrained her head until he was done cuming down her throat. He made quiet sounds like he was so relieved and told her that he’s been thinking about that day since she started 3 months ago. She worked for him through college. I was so hard when she told me and that his wife never knew. I know she’s had at least 8 bosses over the years and when I asked her if she’s given them all BJs, she said “Yes”. But not as frequently as her first boss. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t think sucking a guys cock is cheating?

    • I'm female, married, age 46 and during my 20+ career I've secretly had affairs with most of my bosses.
      If there was a way to truthfully & discreetly poll women my age, I bet it would shocking to find out how many married women would admit to cheating with their boss.
      I was 24 & married less than a year my first time.
      There was just something intoxicating, exhilarating & titillating about an attractive older married man wanting to have 'no strings attached' sex.
      The best part, married men will not 'kiss and tell'. lol

    • I guess it depends when you grew up. I know that I started out at 18 in the post typing pool. I was very fast and accurate, I enjoyed typing. My skills were noticed and I was to this Major’s office as his receptionist/typist/assistant.
      Now without going into how attractive and nice he was, I think that working with him, sharing things, well you just develop a bond. I know that it was sort of a mutual seduction and the sex was fantastic.
      The whole 25 years my husband was in the military, I worked for the DOD too. I didn’t have affairs with all of my bosses but quite a few of them.
      I think that there were a lot more women sleeping with their supervisors than would admit to it.

    • Hot. Was there a lot of sex going on within the office themselves like on the desk, parking lots, bathrooms, copy rooms?

      I bet you got some hot stories from the office Christmas holiday parties! A lot of secretaries and wives are getting secretly bent over during those Christmas parties all over the world.

    • Excellent, excellent. Would love a full posting with some more details!

    • Ask her how many bosses she's fucked since she married you.

    • It happens all the time. My wife has had 12 bosses since she started working and she has sucked and fucked every one of them. The one she's with now has a 9-in cock and absolutely plows her pussy with it. He treats her well when it comes to the paychecks of course and he actually is a really cool guy. If you have a wife or girlfriend that is decent looking just understand that she is going to suck her boss's cock at the very least you might as well get used to it. I have

    • That is very hot. But why do all these stories all have 9-in or larger cocks?

    • What an angry person - sad how many guys hate women!

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