Made to cum in public

I was out with my bf on the weekend and I wore a shortish floaty dress with no knickers. I told him I didn’t have any underwear on just as we stepped onto a bus into town. He was so horny and couldn’t keep his hands off me, so that was great. We went to a park in central London (won’t say which one as may want to do this again!) and when we were sitting down and kissing he worked his hand up towards my pussy. He asked me to hitch the skirt of my dress up and I just felt so turned on I did it even though I knew people might see and then that turned me on more. He could sense me getting more turned on so really started fingering me hard and I have never cum so quickly!! I think my dress just about covered my pussy and his hands making me wet but I honestly don’t know. We were in a quieter part of the park so not many people around but I’m still really worried someone saw but also really turned on still by the thought of how wet and horny I became so quickly. My bf and I are talking about trying it again which fills me with dread as well as massive excitement. Linsey xoxo

Jul 12
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    • My gf and I were in J C Penny parking lot in a pontiac solstice with the top down. We were in the outer area of the parking lot so no one was around. She unzipped my pants and started giving me a hand job. She went down on me and and I cum in her mouth. She smiled when she was done and said she gets so turned on when I cum in her mouth. She was wearing a little sun dress and pulled it up and took her panties off. She pulled her dress up to her waist and opened her legs as far as she could in that little car and said my turn. I couldn’t lick her in that little car but fingering her was no problem. She was enjoying the sunshine and me fingering her in the parking lot. I could see a pickup truck coming our way and I knew he was going to come close enough to see what I was doing. I told my gf there was a truck coming and she opened her eyes and saw it to. She said OMG not now. I paused so she could pull her dress down and she put my hand back between her legs and said don’t you dare stop now. I continued to finger her and I could tell she was getting close to cumming. She opened her sundress and started fondling her own tits as I fingered her. She started tensing and saying OMG, OMG. The truck was almost to us and I told her the guys in the truck were going to be able to see her. I fingered her more intensely and she had her tits out and rubbing her nipples. The truck was on top of us and could see what we were doing and pulled up next to us. She didn’t try to cover up and announced OMG I’m cumming. She looked up at the guys in the truck as they gave us a thumbs up and drove away. She relaxed as I pulled my hand away from her pussy. I said I couldn’t believe those guys in the truck pulled up next to us. She said she saw them watching and it felt so good she didn’t care. I said really? She said maybe them watching was why she came so hard.

    • Hot! Wife made me Cum on London Eye! Alone in the cart, we started necking! She then started to massage me through my pants. She kept rubbing until I came in them. When we got off the Eye, the operator just smiled as he looked at my wet jeans. We went through the picture booth and sure enough my eyes were closed and my wife's hand was rubbing my crotch. We absolutely bought the picture as the lady processing them asked if we enjoyed ourselves, she said it's more common than we think and suggestes the VIP cart in the future if we want more privacy.

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