My dog fucks me more than my husband

It all started 5 months ago when after taking a shower i layed naked on my bed my shepherd jake climbed up and layed down inbetween my legs until i suddenly felt his tongue go over my pussy as soon as i moaned he stopped but i petted him so he would continue his tongue spreading my pussy has made me orgasm plenty of times since then and hes been really friendly towards me maybe even a bit too much since one time after my husband creampied me he licked my pussy my boyfriend actually loved it and even came in the dogs face a few times making us both lick his cum up while he slapped our asses like he owned us since then hes made the dog creampie me plenty of times making him stick his dick into my already creampied pussy filling me to the brim i actually love my dogs cum way more since its hotter and way more but i love being knocked up by both at the same time since then ive been getting creampied atleast 2 times a day by the dog and 3 times in the night by my hubby and the dog i cant properly function anymore without cum up my pussy or ass since a month ago ive gotten a second dog and been just laying in bed most of the time letting them knot me whenever they wish theres not a single time where im not full of cum at this point and ive been considering a third dog but my husband is getting jealous since i rarely let him fuck me anymore since the doggy dicks are way bigger and my hubby cums so little now

Jul 12
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    • Omg I love this it’s what I dream of having

    • I love to swallow my dog's cum as much as I love swallowing that of my ten-year-old son.. The taste of dog cum is an acquired one, though it tastes better than human cum. It's really a personal matter. For some women, it tastes like rust and water, while others find it tastes more like curdled milk and bitter onion. For me, it tastes much better than my husband's cum, which is very watery and almost tasteless.

    • Our German Shepard fucks and knots my wife more than I fuck her. I love to watch her get fucked

    • Y’all are disgusting

    • I am into it for more than 10 yrs now. I am in my mid-40s, live with my Lab dog. He is a second one so far I gave got and trained him quite well. Whenever I arrive at home from work he would jump upon me and start to lick my face and neck. I kiss him and get him down. All the while he remains around me with his tail wagging, nudging his nose between my thighs. Yes, I get horny… and so, he is. I comfort him while he eyes his bitch. I quickly get out of my thong and bra. He gets impatient watching me in nude. I quickly get on my hands and knees.
      As he approaches and looks at me – “mount”, I command and he almost jump upon me with his forelegs around my waist. A couple of misses and he finds the target. I almost squeal as he thrusts his thick cock into me. He gives a low growl as he feels the warmth of my cunt engulfing his stiff cock. He starts to hump vigorously - his cock growing as he does so. My thrill turns to moans and groans as I take his full penetration. “Good boy” I keep muttering and then he slows down his strokes as he attempts to bury his knot. “Oh yes. God yes” I obviously start to orgasm. He now ties with his knot fully into me, stops for a couple of minutes and then starts to shoot his hot cum into depth of my cunt, almost burning my cervix for a while. OMG! I almost yelled.
      Finally, his cock starts to go soft and the knot shrinks, I reach down with one hand and began to rub my clit. I come quickly this time again, while he withdraws ...
      He lays down next to me and licks his cock clean. I do get exhausted and turn onto my back thighs spread wide …. He approaches me slowly and sniffs my crotch for a while and starts to lick my pussy, lapping his oozing cum out of me.

      I get myself up and go to the bathroom holding my hand over my still throbbing pussy to wash myself clean. I use the hand-shower to clean my pussy well.

    • Omfg I love this story I'm so turned on reading it I didn't want it to end.
      I'm vigorously stroking myself mmm.
      My wife and I also have a dog and sometimes after we have had sex in bed she usually falls alseep naked.
      A few times I have pulled the bed covers off her ass and gestured the dog on to the bed to see if he would try to lick her pussy and ass.
      He licked her ass cheek a couple of times were both our juices had dribbled out of her cunt. She hasn't fallen to sleep with her legs open as yet .
      But would love to see him try lick het cunt or ass to see her reaction

    • How do you not get like diseases or sick from this??

    • Tf did I just read?

    • You need to suck him off.

    • I have sucked him mmm😛👄😋

    • Did you swallow

    • I imagine the dogs are longer than your husband but how does the girth compare?

    • My wife has taken a doggie dick or two over the years. Love it!!

    • How do I get my wife into this I've wanted to be a k9 cuck for many years now??

    • Email me

    • Email me or Google chat

    • Eww!

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