Why did I try piss?

So after 35 years of marriage my wife and I were discussing kinks. Yes we have a few. But never tried piss. I read a story a while back and thought, I'd like to try this. She said she thought it would be gross but I being me wanted to try it none the less.

So this morning I was feeling really horny thinking about this pissing thing. We both woke up a little early so off to the shower we went. I was thinking do this, get some and then get ready for work. We made out and then got into the shower as she really needed to go. I positioned myself below her and she let it rain on my face. All was going well until I opened my mouth to drink it as the post suggested.

I am not sure what the fuck happened but I lost all interest as it wasn't as food as I imagined. I started coughing and threw up the mouthfull I had taken in and swallowed. What in the fuck, how does anyone do this? It was fucking nasty! Like nothing I've ever tasted was like this and it wasn't good. She has a delicious pussy and I'll even eat ass if cleaned good, but pias will never be a thing again for us. I liked it ehen it was just splashing on my face but the taste, not so much!

Does it all taste exactly what I tasted? She wouldn't even try mine after it made me feel this way! Just curious if any couples actually like this and how do you make the urine taste better? For now it's off the kink list! 🤪

Jul 10
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    • If you eat healthy and drink lots of water it’ll taste like flavored water. I always let my boyfriend piss in my holes. It feels so good

    • Lots of water, 12 hours before trying it makes it taste almost like nothing. I find beer can help too. With beer she has to pee twice before you try it again. I find a lot of women enjoy if you pee inside their butt or vag. I get really turned on with pee play. So satisfying

    • I did swallow when she squirts pees while reaching climax. Warm, mouthful and delicious.

    • I had the same experience. I'm straight but I was curious about piss and had no luck finding a woman to piss on me so i met up with a guy I met online and let him piss on me in the shower and instantly regretted it. Before that I pissed in his mouth and he swallowed it all no problem. I guess some people are different.

    • Does she squirt? Have you tasted that?

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