Just a woman that loves cum on my face

I am a married woman, 35, and love to have a man cum on my face. My husband will do it but only if he gets really drunk. Otherwise he doesn’t like it because he knows I enjoyed that with other men before we were married. So he thinks if he does it that I’m thinking of them. He knows I did lots of other things with men too, that he and I also do, so I don’t see the big deal with this. I’m guessing it’s that he didn’t cum in a woman’s face previously so he feels it’s unequal somehow. We openly discussed old lovers once and I made the mistake of revealing that fetish. Wish I hadn’t. I won’t cheat on my husband, but did devise a very satisfying solution even if not the real thing.

I bought one of those plastic squirt bottles like some diners have on their tables with ketchup. I created a mixture of corn starch, water, and just a little flavorless gelatin (not too much or it will get too thick and clog up). It looks and feels pretty realistic. I even heat it just slightly in a microwave to make it feel at realistic temperature. Then I masturbate and usually cum modestly a number of times before a final full and intense orgasm. Each time I’m about to come I get a little squirt of cum in my face, like a tease. Then when I orgasm I practically empty the bottle, pumping one huge cum-load after another all over my face and sometimes my boobs as I moan with pleasure. I often do this in the tub for simple cleanup and so I can really let go. I find it very sexy, naughty and satisfying. And since hubby is not down for this I actually DO think of those former lovers leaving me covered and satisfied. My husband doesn’t know. It’s my little secret. Well, now it’s our little secret. Lol. Shhhh!

Jul 10
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    • Email me.!?? :P jayben1020@yahoo.com

    • I had a gf that liked sucking and jerking me off. When I would cum she would pull back and I would cum on her face. She said she liked watching my cum squirt on her face. She used to beg me to jerk off in front of her face and cum on her face. Didn’t understand it but it made her happy.

    • Screw him. If that is what you want find a man that will do it.

    • Something wrong with your husband I'd be covering your face as often as possible you can think about all those other guys too I'd love it

    • You should get a husband that's not a sissy. I'll come on your face , in your hair. On your back. In your pussy and stick my tongue up your ass.

    • You tell him if he won't do it, you'll fucking find someone who will! WTF is wrong with him, won't do it because it reminds him of others doing it??? Does he eat your pussy or fuck you because, I'll bet others did that also! You need to force his hand and if he refuses, make him eat his jizz and turn him into a sissy! He ain't no man if he gets butthurt over what you did in your past! Many men would love an adventurous woman like you! I'll cum on your face and we can talk about how others did it to you! Or better yet I'd let you have a bukkaki party while I watch and still do it! Bet he won't kiss you after he cums in your mouth either will he? Make his ass a cuck really quick!

    • A naughty woman who loves hot sticky cum on her face, good job. I cum on my wife's face when she begs for it.

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