Cocksucker tales

I sat across from him at the cafeteria on campus. I was there for a meeting with faculty. He was a professor, my age, and we locked eyes and even when we looked aside we went back to locking eyes. My meeting was scheduled so I couldn't really hang out there. I got a business card out and wrote a note on the back, "I suck dick" and walked over to him and put the business card on his tray. Call me.

He called, left a message. I called back, left a message. Next time I texted, "Cock sucker, I want to suck your cock". Now he answered. He has a nice cock, by nice I mean it is very well formed, properly circumcised, he gets very hard once his cock starts to itch. I enjoyed his cock. That's what it's all about.

In the old days, before Craigslist was shut down for us, a cocksucker could get around. Now it's a lot more difficult, and frankly I want to see him first. I'll make the approach, if I get turned down no hard feelings. If I like him enough, I will bottom, I like a nice cock up my ass. I know my place, I'm the pleaser.

It comes with the territory. Sucked my first cock at 13, had my cherry popped at 15. I'm married with children. Have a respectful job. But being a cocksucker is my alter ego, and I love to bottom for the right man.

Jul 9
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    • I am alot like you I was groomed at a young age to be a bottom since I was a young boy. Sucked my first cock when I was 12 was being ass fucked by two older men when I was 14 . I never thought about pussy until I met my wife when I was 20 and she was 17. She knew that I was bisexual when we got married and she understood that I enjoyed servicing men because growing up I was taught to please men with my mouth and ass. She was okay with it as long as I was the bottom of other guys and I never fucked someone else with my dick. Been married for 42years now and we have a beautiful open marriage her with her boyfriend's and me with mine.

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