Hate her but want to fuck her

I despise Joe Biden’s former press secretary, Jen Psaki, for her politics and generally distasteful patronizing attitude and smugness. But damn I want to fuck her so hard when I look at how sexy and beautiful she is. Can I have both? And, bonus, I want to know if her pussy muff is dyed red to match her sexy hair.

Jul 8
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    • I'd like to skull fuck both of them. I'd be doing the country a favor by keeping them from talking, and getting a nut at the same time....Talk about serving your country and loving it.

    • Tell her its ok if her husband watches.

    • So would I

    • I want her to piss in my mouth

    • That’s exactly how I feel about AOC too. Although if they are ever both in my bedroom, in heat, and I was forced to choose which one to fuck, Jen is my preference. I think. Then again her ass is a little plump and AOC’s ass is tiny, spectacular, and highly fuckable. It probably won’t happen anyway but I feel like I need to be prepared to decide in case for some reason I can’t have both.

    • There’s a picture of Jen sort of hugging Karin-Jeanne-Pierre (Biden’s current overmatched and underwhelming press secretary) when Jen left to role and Karin stepped in. Karin being openly gay, I couldn’t help fantasizing about their after hours office relationship.

    • KJP,s partner is decent looking, but a white bee- och! If it's not the AA men stealing the white women, it's the AA women stealing em!

    • She shaves her pussy every month. Believe it or not!

    • Whose pussy Jen's KJP?

    • How do you know?

    • Watch how she sits on a chair with legs put apart!!

    • It’s funny how different people have different reactions to the same person. I’d love to slam an axe into her skull every time I see her

    • Ok but can I just fuck her first?

    • I don’t like her politics but I’d love to fuck some sense into her

    • I went to high school with her. She gave my best friend a blowjob when they were dating. All I know is he came in her mouth.

    • That would have at least been a few minutes she wasn't saying anything stupid.

    • Oh my god I think I just came in my pants. Nice story and image.

    • With ya. Being an Aussie didn't know her. Did a google. Nice . Red hair so super white skin. Would love to taste that pussy

    • I think she is sexy too. I wondered if once she split from the white house would she move to the center on her views. Nope still out there in super left field. I think Jen is a natural redhead. My wife is a natural red head and the top and the bottom match. No need to dye the bush.

    • Fire crotch is the best. Flaming bush is godly indeed

    • I’m with you. Jen is fricking hot

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