Blindfold my wife and she has sex with....?

One night in bed with my wife - we'd had a lot to drink! - I asked her if she'd let me blindfold her and put her on a bed, naked, while I, or someone we know, fucks her!?
There will be no speaking - you will respond to his touches as you do mine. In other words you will not just lay there and get fucked with your legs up in the air.....while somebody shoots you full of cum.
You have to fuck, too! So, what do you think? We've been fantasizing about watching you fuck another man for years....this will be something a little less daring along those lines.
I will be either in your cunt - or in the room while someone else you can relax and let loose with your desires.
She hasn't given me her answer yet - but man! - she fucked me like crazy that night just thinking about it!
Any wife ever done this?

Jul 6
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    • I have a similar fantasy about my wife -- she's blindfolded or hooded and I bring someone in to fuck her, who then leaves before I unhood her so she never knows who it is. I've mentioned it a few times but she's yet to work her way up to it. I already have at least two guys in mind, one of which I've talked to and he said he would do it.

    • My wife loves a game we play called "guess the cock" we all get drunk and we have some guys from the local college that our mutual male friend and wifes life partner has invited, which has been 4-5 guys or so. She gives them head and feels their manhood. Then I blindfold her and she gets in her sex swing.there they fuck her and she blows them. later she has to recall which guy it was that fucked her last by the number marked on their hands that she earlier associated with their cocks to the numbers. She usually does well guessing the cock of the last guy that fucks her.If she correctly guessed which guy it was we put their names in a bowl and the name pulled gets to climb in bed with my wife until morning and takes home all the booze left over. Just to note all the guys provide medical documentation that they are std and disease and drug free. We don't take chances with that as well as birth control pills.Anybody have any other nasty ideas for other games for my horny nympho witch wife to play?

    • Sounds amazing. Wish I was your wife.

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