Nothing hotter than sex with an eager 18 yr old SoCal

I was 18 when I met my 17 yr old future wife in SoCal in 1967.
"The summer of Love" - especially out there in California!
I was a virgin from Mass. (by way of my thumb across the country"
We met at the break during a Simon & Garfunkel concert. She was wearing a very mini mini-skirt, beads, a head band and sandals.....a "costume" she selected for this folk music concert. I say costume - because she was in actuality from the home a very conservative Republican family.
But, oh man could she kiss! She nailed me in a park as I walked her home - I was pretty sure a person could get pregnant from this kind of tongue and lip action! She tasted so good....young and fresh mouthed. Long blonde hair, great legs, and a cute little tight butt peeking freq. from her mini! She wore little hippie flowered bikini panties, always! I loved to watch her climb stairs or get into a car in her short skirts - pantied little teenage butt on display every time.
At my apt she pushed me down on the couch and lay full on me for some more kissing. My hand soon wandered up her thigh to her panties. It felt amazing - then I slipped my hand inside her panties and waited for her to punch me. I began to kneed her right butt cheek like it was a soft loaf....but so creamy smooth, and very teen firm when she flexed it under my hand!
Soon she was pulling me up and asking where my bed in this commune was. In my small room, by candles light and incense - she removed her clothes -- then lay on my bed while I undressed. She lifted her bottom and said, "take my panties off please!"
She pulled me over her, spread her legs wide like a teenaged gymnast - took my dick in her hand and placed me into her warm nest of soft blonde fur and wet lips....
My gosh she was tight as I sank into her - I'd no choice at being hesitant about it - not with her heels pulling me into her! She made the sweetest honest girl noises as I sank into her - and she pumped up into my groin with her flat little tummy muscles. My job was just to hang on to this youngster as she gave me my first orgasm (NOT involving my right hand!)
I came way too quickly - but I knew enough to keep stroking into her -"because girls have orgasms too!" I remembered.
I thought she was pinching me off inside her when she mewled out her cumming song. But no, she eventually let me ease back out of her pink and wet hole. My dick was still attached!
We had a smoke. My first! and sat together in the window of my bldg. She stared at me - because she knew somehow that I was her first. Wondering what I was thinking....
I was thinking that I was in love with this little rascal who was standing there in just her moist panties!
She showed me everything about sex - hopefully most of it we were discovering together....but I never asked. Every position that two teens could pull off - every part of a person which responded happily to licking, fingers, bites, etc.
She waited until the next day to introduce me to a blow job! Amazing! - the stuff she did with her mouth and fingers around my balls and anus!
Not long after we showered one eve then she lay spread eagle on our bed and said, "lick me please!" ......licking her butt hole drove her c r a z y! Me too! Imagine your face buried between a teenager's sweet pair of butt cheeks, while you lick and poke at her in such a private place! Wonderful! We were married - but it almost seemed like one of us could go to jail for doing this to another 'almost' child!
She rarely wore more that a T and her little panties when my buds came to visit us in our little apt after we married. A few times they found her naked and asleep on our bed when they stopped by. She quit minding - her only rule was "no touching" - but they could stand and chat while looking down at this sleeping naked 18 yr old little blonde as long as they wanted.
BTW: her pussy was the sweetest tasting cunt. Very like the taste of a nice girl's mouth!
Her tight pussy. Her sweet taste. Her little pink butt hole. Her skills with her mouth!

Jul 6
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    • I was also a virgin when I went back to my wife's dorm room after going to an on campus movie. After we kissed, she took her clothes off and told me to take mine off and join her lying on her bed. We kissed some more and I got on top of her and she guided my erection into her. It was one of the best days of my life, my virgin dick inside her where she later admitted that two guys had already fucked her.

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