Getting Started in Sex

I got started at fourteen with my older cousin. He was experienced and took it slow with me, introducing me to various forms and positions, oral and intercourse. Full penetrations, full ejaculations. I'm seventeen now. Get used to it, you are going to have to do it the rest of your life. I could never get used to it, how can you? Every time it's different I told him. Why doesn't he just fuck me, why all the playing around? Just fuck me, but he insisted on playing around with me.

He took me with him to see an aunt who had been in the hospital. A five hour drive. An overnight at our aunt's house. My parents never even questioned it. Sending a teen girl off with a 'man'. I sucked his dick on the road, but he told me to stop. Accident stuff. We stopped at a roadside rest stop and I sucked him dry there. I love cum, his cum. I love his cum in me, makes me special.

My aunt is hurting from the surgery so I spend some time with her. Listening to her complain. It's a girl thing, lending an ear. I love her a lot. She asks me how my titties are doing, she can see my nipples in my top. I left my bra at home. She asked me if there was a boy. No, I lied. There's a man, a real man who is fucking me. I'm skipping the whole boy stage. I don't tell her that. She says be careful you don't want to get pregnant. Now cover up your tits.

That night my cousin does it to me from behind, doggy style. Usually I bark when he's fucking me like that. But we are at my aunt's so we fuck in silence. MMM, GOOD. I like getting fucked. It's a girl thing. I lay beside him and pull him on top of me and he goes to town. I like feeling his weight on me, smelling him when he fucks. I want cum. lots and lots of cum. Fill me up I tell him, fill me up. How can girls not like it? I guess the girls I know have only tried boys. I have a man.

Jul 7
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    • I took my sis's virginity when I was 16, she was 4 yrs younger at that time. Our parents were quite open in expressing their intimacy - deep kissing, fondling boobs, slapping my mom's ass cheeks etc that led to arouse my sexual interest. I used to share my feeling with my little sis ... We always played and wrestled a lot - in living room, bathroom, swimming pool and outdoor in the woods! And we knew our bodies quite well by then. The first attempt was failed in the sense that I came to early leaving her unsatisfied but with a slippery pussy. But soon it was easy to push my cock all the way into her slippery hole. Yes, she felt a bit of pain and I did not move till she was at ease. We both are now married, reached passed 40s and have physical relationship whenever we meet.

    • The more , the merrier - the old trick says!

    • My wife’s cousin (by marriage) was also the first she experimented with. They did a lot of touching, kissing, exploring each other’s bodies naked, she gave him hand jobs and he fingered her. She gave him her first blow job and they had anal sex. She didn’t want to lose her virginity to him, which I remarked was really stupid because he was already fucking her in the ass and blowing him, she didn’t like that. They had a lot of alone time, being only children while the parents were downstairs visiting they’d be upstairs watching porn and having sexual fun at 12 years old through 16 years old. She said she stopped it and stopped going over to visit when her parents went over to their house. They still messed around every now and again until she was 20.

    • I was 14 also.
      It was summer of 1991 and with a married older man.
      Ok it was my best friends dad but it was 'cool' and socially acceptable to loose your virginity & casually hookup with an older guy back then.

    • Oh yes 14 with your best friend’s dad was definitely the norm in the 90’s

    • You must not be from that generation. It kinda was.
      I was the last of my friends to loose my virginity at age 15. It was '93 and he was mid 30s, tall, blonde & blue eyes and built and worked at the bank with my mom.
      I was supposed to baby sit for him and his wife. Mom dropped me off at their house but his wife had to leave and drive 3 hrs to her parents house for a family emergency. Since she was breastfeeding, she took their daughter with her and packed to stay a few days.
      This was before cell phones were common. I helped her pack and he offered to take me home. They'd already ordered pizza and she insisted I stay and eat before he was to take me home. After she left, we talked. I noticed him checking me out and I thought 'now's my chance to loose my virginity'. I made my move and initiated oral. I told him I wanted him to be my first. He placed a towel on the bed and promised to pull out. Thankfully he did, I was not on bc at the time.

    • You are blessed. If one wants to understand the pleasures of sex. How to accept pleasure and how to give pleasure one needs to learn from an older lover.

      I was 14 when I lost my virginity to a 45 year old man who was dating my mother at the time

    • Interesting. Would love it if you could post a separate post on that!

    • Nice! My girl was 16 and I was 55

    • You took your daughter’s virginity???

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