First time anal!

I've been bi curious for quite a while. I finally decided to just go for it and explore gay sex. I spent a couple weeks on grindr before I found what I was looking for. He was a little older but supposedly experienced. I prepared myself a few days ahead, got all shaved and douched. I went to his house and to my surprise I didn't feel awkward at all, he was super chill and friendly. I explained to him how I've never done anything with a guy, he was super cool about it. We laid on his bed i could already see his hard on through his shorts. He started rubbing on my cock and I got real turned on and just leaned over and started kissing him, very out of my character. He tells me to take my shorts off so I did. He immediately says "oh my god" and goes straight down on me, I think he was enjoying it as much as I was! He was licking on my balls and everything. He pulled his cock out and motioned for me to go down on him so I went down and put it in my mouth and I got an insane rush. Hearing him moan as I'm sucking him had me precumming all over the sheets. He tells me to look up at him as I'm sucking. My jaw starts to ache so I stop and he kinda guides me up on top of him. I'm straddling him with his cock between my legs. He pulls me down and we make out for a few minutes. I then roll over onto my back and he went down on me again and he starts licking my hole, felt odd at first but it was hot. He then starts working a finger into me. Next thing I know he's knuckle deep in me. I was super afraid I wasn't clean and he would get something on his finger but luckily there was no issue. I laid back and relaxed he fingered me for several minutes, I started to feel a massive build up, my body was shaking and I almost panicked because I couldn't control it. He told me not to worry. He pulled his finger out and mounted me, he spit in his hand and rubbed it all over his cock and started working it inside me. Didn't take long and he was in. I had fingered myself before and used hair brush handles but I had never felt so full before. I just let him take control, he went slow in and out, he kept saying "omg you're so tight". I couldn't believe how amazing it felt, my legs wide, him on top of me, dad bod and all just enjoying me. He then pulls all the way out and I farted I was embarrassed but he said it's normal. He had me get on top of him I eased myself down on his cock and he immediately starts moaning. I start riding him up and down, at this point my ass is just open for business, no pain, just pleasure. I'm bouncing up and down and I feel that build up coming again my legs get weak and I can't bounce any more, I get all warm and itchy inside and I just sat down on him and my hole starts to spasm out of control, I'm laying on his chest having the biggest orgasm imaginable. I finally crawl off him and apologize for cumming early and he says don't be sorry he already came twice!! I said what!? Sure enough he had busted 2 times in my already. My hole was a mess but I didn't know it was cum. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I had cum seeping out until the next day. It's all I could smell. We've been texting since then but I kinda want to hook up with someone my age. He wants me bad but I Wana see what else is out there!

Jul 4
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    • Omg your story is so hot! I would love to try you out. I'm in Kansas. Where are you. I enjoy all of that.

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