Drunk unprotected anal sex

Shortly after graduating college, I moved out from home to my own apartment. Before moving out on my own, I would hook up with guys all the time but never at my parents house. I would always have to meet up in a hotel, car, or at their place.

One night I had a few beers while working late, and I was a bit horny. I started watching gay porn online and had a few more beers. Then I got on the AOL m4m chat rooms looking for a hookup. It was around 11pm and after having a few IM chats with some guys, I was about to call it quits and go to bed. None of the guys online were my age.

Suddenly I got an IM from someone new, and he said he was looking to hookup. He was 19 (I was 24 at the time), hung and a top. I was ready to go! I told him I was 24 and looking to bottom, and asked if he wanted to come over. He agreed and I gave him my address and apartment number. He was about 45 minutes away.

I wasn’t counting on him to actually show up, since guys often chat on IM and then get off on that and never actually show up. I figured I should shower and prepare in case he showed up.

About an hour later, around 1am I hear a knock on my door. I open the door and to my surprise was this hot 19 year old jock. He comes in and I offer him a beer. We sat on the couch and had a beer and watched whatever was on the tv. He asked for another beer, and I got 2 more. At this point I must have had 6 beers in 3 hours and was quite buzzed. He could tell I was a bit buzzed and he started asking me questions about what I was into. I said I was into sucking and getting fucked, and i mentioned I was into anything. He asked if it was okay that he didn’t reciprocate and he was just into a no strings hookup. I didn’t care, I was so horny and was totally okay with servicing him.

He took off his shirt and so did I. I started rubbing his coco through his jogging pants and he was hard as a rock. He stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear, and his rock hard cock was right there in my face. I started sucking his cock as he began to fuck my mouth.

I was buzzed and ready to have this guy use me any way he wanted. After a few minutes he said he wanted to fuck me, so I got up off my knees and got on the couch. He asked if I had any condoms, and I didn’t. I asked if he did, and he said he brought only lube.

I asked if he ever did it without a condom before and he said he never did, but wanted to try it. I had never done it without before, but being buzzed, 2am and horned up and ready to go, my inhibitions were gone.

He grabbed the lube, I got on my hands and knees and he slowly pushed all 8” of his huge cock up my tight ass, raw. I felt everything, his huge head and throbbing shaft. He was grabbing my waist as he slowly pumped in and out of me. He asked if I was okay, and I replied “fuck me”. He started fucking me faster and harder, and it felt amazing. There was so much more friction raw, and for the first time it felt like I was about to cum from getting fucked. Just as i was about to cum I feel him slamming into me as he blew his load all the way up inside me.

I was so distracted by how good that raw cock felt inside me that I forgot he was fucking me raw and would cum eventually. He came just as I was getting into it and then he pulled out , got dressed and left. On his way out he thanked me and closed the door.

I laid there on the couch with my ass full of cum and that feeling of just getting fucked and stretched out, and the anxiety of realizing I just took a huge risk. I had gotten fucked raw and rough by a complete stranger - he had a huge cock and blew his load in me. Who knows if I was his first without a condom. I had that anxiety for over a month until I got tested and was negative.

What an amazing experience though, the raw sex with a jock, 19 and hung. I wouldn’t change a thing about that experience and glad I grabbed the opportunity.

Jul 4
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    • I guess I was drunk the first time I had unprotected sex with a guy. He was a black guy that had a nice cock I was given him head and he wanted my ass badly he loved how smooth my ass was and I finally gave into him I could feel everything every inch of his cock sliding into my ass it felt amazing with out a condom on. I knew that it was wrong but I was drunk and he felt so good he fucked me for a long time in different positions then he had me on my back with my legs up over his shoulders and I had a hands free orgasm like that and my ass had tighten up around his cock and he wanted for my muscles to relax and then he started fucking me hard as he could and when he started to cum I could feel his cum inside of me it was amazing feeling being filled up with his cum. After he recovered he fucked me again with his cum still inside of me that made it feel even better. Of course I was nervous afterwards waiting to get tested but I was okay thank God for that.

    • My first was similar. Drunk and unprotected. Get fucked after wanting it for so long was hot. I was anxious until tested but all was ok.

    • OMG, you are going to have turd babies in 9 months!!

    • My first was very similar. I was physically sick with worry for months until I got tested. Gawd it felt good though. The ultimate submission

    • OMG unprotected anal sex. Sure hope you didn’t get pregnant

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