Finally explored my piss fetish

So to start off, I'm 30, straight have no interest in men but ive always had a piss fetish. I enjoy piss fetish porn, pissing on myself, in my pants ect. I joined a group online and met a guy and his friend that were supposedly pretty experienced. I drove almost 2 hours to meet them at a hotel, I had to piss when I left my house but I managed to hold it all the way. I go inside the room and I quickly notice they had used fake pictures. It was odd but It didn't really matter since I'm not attracted to men anyways. I sat on the bed and we started making small talk before long we started discussing what we were wanting to do. I told them I wanted to be pissed on and possibly piss in my mouth. One of the guys said he wanted me to piss in his mouth so I agreed, he got on his knees and I opened my pants to do it and I was rock hard. I couldn't piss if I wanted to. He asks if he can suck my cock and I told him no I'm not gay. I laid on the bed a few minutes and finally went limp. I stood back up and he opened his mouth and I put my dick in and started pissing. It was the strangest feeling. He swallowed every bit, idk how I didn't drown him. At this point I've got a huge rush. I told them to piss on me, we went to the shower and I got naked and got on my knees, they both unzipped and started pissing. I instantly knew I messed up. Just the smell turned me off. I let them finish, I took a shower, quickly put my clothes back on and came out of the bathroom to one of the guys blowing the other guy. I told them I had to go and left. I can't believe I did that. It's nothing like it looks in a video. It's so nasty lol.

Jul 4
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    • U have to be hydrated, lots of water, then it doesn't smell bad and is like salt water

    • My wife and I just tried it the first time because of reading your story. I wanted to experiment. It went bad, really bad, piss don't taste like it smells. It's worse!

    • I agree! It's horrible.

    • Yea piss and shit are not for me. You missed out on that BJ though. Women give good head, but from a guy, there's nothing better!!! Best BJs are from straight men! Piss just tastes so nasty, like you I tried one time. Never again!

    • Yeah never again

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