I am Handicapped, do I deserve good regular sex?

I have been handicapped since birth. I am crippled in my legs. I am a reasonably good looking. Have a pretty good cock and balls and they work normally. Not super big nor super small. About average sized and told I have a magnificent cock. My body type is average to slightly overweight. 200 lbs and 5’10” tall.

I am 100% straight. I did get hit on by gays but that just isn’t my thing. No offense intended. I was even trying to score with a lady that is also handicapped but the ones I know really are not into sex. Apparently if you are too easy (or desperate) that is a turn off. There are some dating sites for handicapped but as far as I can tell, they are all scams.

My dating life was a disaster in school. Despite being super horny all the time – or because of it – I was a late bloomer sexually. In other words, I didn’t laid my first time until after I graduated from college. I had three strikes against me: 1) Handicapped, 2) Brought up in a single parent home (didn’t really get the proper man training on how to treat a lady), and 3) low income status. In other words I really didn’t have that much to bring to the table. I did resort to using prostitutes but I must confess it was for the most part, unsatisfying. They were too worn out and didn’t care about anything. I wanted a “fresh” sex partner. Not necessarily a virgin but someone that would at least enjoy the act of sex and enjoy me.

I am curious if any of you out there are handicapped (or know someone that is) and if you would share your story. Were you able to turn it around and get a regular diet of satisfying sex?

Jun 27
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    • On the contrary, nobody owes me anything. I don't give up. I do the smart thing and seek advice. And then I keep trying until I get it right.

    • Poor me everyone owes me

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