Watching younger wife's sex video!

Sexiest thing I ever saw was the video my wife made with one of her lovers before we met!
He gave her a copy of it - and she put it away. One night when we were in the middle of foreplay - and she'd been drinking too much wine - She responded to my fantasy that some day we make a video of our fucking. She let slip that she already had such a video - secreted away from when she was in her late 20's.
It took a hell of a lot of convincing - but the finally went to retrieve it from her hiding spot in her closet! I raced to the basement to find the VCR player!
So, I sat with my 35 yr old wife of 6 years and watched a video of her getting very thoroughly fucked for nearly an hour by a hunky guy she met at a college library. The sexiest part of the 'show' was how often she took the lead in the 3 different sex positions - after the initial missionary plowing he gave her! She always was proud of her cute butt - so the reverse cowboy wasn't a surprise - but the extended blow-job was! Yeah - she swallowed. She does me, too, sometimes.
She was just totally abandoned in her fucking!....and in the language she used!
Of course little missy lying beside me was hiding her face a few times watching her antics now - but near the end when he did her long and hard doggy-style she was in rapt attention at the sight of his large wet dick disappearing into herself as he fairly shoved her in lurches across his big bed! The grunts coming from both of them were --- the stuff to make for wet dreams.
I came on our sheets when he grunted loudly and 'finished' her by shoving her flat on his bed - mashing her butt cheeks as he grunted all his weight atop her naked body and as his cheeks flexed noticeably because he was now pumping his cum through his dick up into my wife's little tight 26 yr old pussy!!!
He lay atop her, licking her ear, until his dick finally wilted and slid from between her cheeks. She was on the pill - so his sheets and her crotch were a wet sexy mess - the part she hadn't swallowed!
I was super turned on - and I've watched this several times to make myself cum, very hard!, My wife needs to be a little tipsy before she will let us watch it every few months or two.
She is totally embarrassed, and more than a little proud of herself......! when we watch this. She knows she is a great fuck!...a faithful wife - AND a great fuck. They are not exclusive!

I get the thrill of cuckolding while watching it - now I know how turned on and queasy those guys get when watching their wife fucking some guy's dick!
It's a strange feeling - so exciting to watch - esp. when I fantasize it is happening in real time!....while I look at her sleeping over prim and proper!
But on the screen her legs are spread sooo wide - and her fingers are digging into his butt cheeks as she helps him pound into her crotch while ther mouths and tongues are mauling each other wetly and noisily!...or is that wet noise from her crotch getting hit?!

Jun 27
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    • Two weeks before our wedding, my wife's ex boyfriend sent me a package in the mail. In it were a number of photos of my fiancee and him fucking and a video. When I looked through the photos, I quickly noticed that there were photos of my fiancee with a number of different men. I looked more closely and saw that there were photos of her with 13 different men between her long legs. The video was of several more men fucking her. In total there was evidence that at least 20 men had fucked my fiancee.
      I knew that my fiancee had fucked her ex boyfriend but she told me that he was the only one. I decided that it didn't matter to me how many men had fucked her and we got married. We have been married almost fifty years and my wife still says that only one guy fucked her before me.

    • I had thought that my wife was cheating on me. I put hidden cam in the bedroom, but even though my gut feeling was she was cheating, it wasn't till I put one in the spare room and in the breeze way did I catch her.
      Found out they thought the bedroom was bugged so they fucked in the spare.
      I really wouldn't have had so much anger except that all the stuff she said she couldn't do or was turned off by it. She readily did for him, sucking and swallowing, a little anal, but the cuddling afterwards.
      Served her papers, she was shocked and denied everything, when I showed her proof yelled at me for spying,. Kicked her out without paying a dime as she didn't want her reputation smeared, I moved away. Her boy friend only kept her for a month. Last I knew she lives with her mother. Daughters don't talk to her much

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