Just had sex with a black chick

I've always been curious to about hooking up with a black girl. I finally bit the bullet and paid for one on STG. She was a short little petite girl with a lot of tattoos, a little ghetto but in a good way. I went to her apartment, her kids were literally playing video games on the couch lol, she led me to her room and asked me to put the donation on her dresser so I did. She immediately got on her knees and pulled my shorts down and started giving me head. I could tell she was very experienced. She then laid back on her bed and motioned for me to get on top, the whole time I'm thinking "what about a condom?!" But I said f it and got on top of her and about 3 pumps in she panics and says "fuck, put a condom on" apparently she forgot lol. So I put one on and continued, I only lasted maybe 3 minutes tops on top of her, I felt it coming and tried to stop and hold it in so I could keep going but I pulled out and busted anyway. She sorta giggled. I apologized, she said no worries. I put my shorts back on and left. I sort of regret spending the money since I didn't last very long but I really enjoyed it.

Jun 1
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    • I fucked this black girl 19 - she was really tight and knew how to milk my hard cock till I erupted with orgasm!! I then cleaned her pussy sucking on it and she had multiple orgasms.

    • Did you lose your wallet? Get an STD? You wouldn’t catch me in that snatch wearing 2 condoms.

    • Yea. Three days later I had white messy stuff leaking out and burned like hell when I pissed. It’s Chalydemia. Fuckung skank! What should I do to her??

    • Out of the 100 or so one nighters this one time I felt I had to go see the Dr after. I never use a condom once in 35 years. Anyway dr comes in and ask what's up why am i there. I tell him had unprotected sex and dont know if it's in my head or my dick feels weird when i piss. Fucking sticks a q tip in my piss hole to get it tested. He was a black Dr and he ask if the girl was black. I told him no a latina he said you should be fine . He said stop going bare back but if i ever find myself in a situation with a black girl and no condom to pass on the situation. That I was 65 percent chance of catching a std and 50 percent catching HIV . Just saying

    • Nice try, I'm the OP and I'm fine

    • Get checked out quick - she may have given you something much worse. Lucky you didn’t knock her up - she and her 11 brothers would be emptying your fridge for the next decade, while her daddy fucks your mama in the ass when he comes home from his janitor’s job.

    • Fuck! Now my wife thinks she has a UT infection, when I know what it is…..I’ll tell the doctor to give her meds for the thing I caught and just tell her she had a UT infection. He’s my long time bud and fellow Delta Chi bro, so he will do it.

    • Nice try I'm the OP

    • Ignore this idiot. I’m the OP, not him. This other dude is just some incel in his parents basement

    • Nasty

    • Once you had black you won’t go back

    • So many white women are obsessed with BBC.

      But the real piece of heaven on earth is black pussy. It’s so beautiful. Definitely God’s gift to humanity

    • It's so much better

    • Definitely is superior cock. The girth is amazing and the fuck so hard!

    • I think I’ll order one up too, they sound like fun!

    • Some black chick have tight pussy ..

    • Very tight

    • Once I’m in Raw I’m finishing Raw.
      If you would have kept fucking her when she realized no condom was being used she would have wrapped her legs around you and accepted fate.
      I love black pussy too and couldn’t tell you how many loads of cum I’ve pumped in their sweet pussies.

    • Did she have big lips and tongue all over your cock? Long fingernails? How big were her nipples ? Any hair on her pussy or asshole ?

    • They can fuck thats for sure. I had a black girl that i saw at least twice a month and she was amazing in bed. Find another one soon lol

    • Black women are amazing. You should have taken a few minutes to recover and go at it again

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