Wife was fucked to tears by a bbc Nigerian

The wife finds the story embarrassing but I love to tell others about it online. It’s a true story and I hope you enjoy.

So the wife, didn’t know her at time of this story, met a much older Nigerian man through the dude’s nephew. The wife, never one to pass up an opportunity to please a bbc, did some chatting, flirting, and what not with the uncle. At some point he offered her an Italian soda if she went by his place. Being an adventurous girl, she agrees.

So she goes to his place and they fool around until she eventually finds herself coaxed into getting fucked! So they moved to the bedroom, she shucked down to the fucking level of clothing, and he put her in the doggy position. She says all the black cocks fucked her doggy. Anyway, he put her in the position, and after a few attempts, pushed his massive Nigerian cock into her tight pussy. She isn’t sure how large his cock actually was because she never saw it, but it’s massive and splits her little young pussy wide! She says it was so big it was uncomfortable and painful. Not sure if he knew the stretch he was putting the wife’s pussy through or not, but he just pounded away on her tight pink fuck hole. She would adjust herself to trying to accommodate that massive cock as much as possible, but the pounding was intense.

At some point he flips her over so he could fuck her missionary, which gave her a second to take a breather from the Nigerian slamming that pussy! He quickly stuck his cock back in and continued using my future wife like a slut. Oh she’s a fun one!

After what seemed like hours, he blew his nut and the bbc Nigerian onslaught was over! He withdrew his massive unit from her aching and gaped abused hole. Her pussy bruised and her usefulness fulfilled, he walked her to the door and sent her on her way. Oh! Of course she got her Italian soda!

What a trooper. Letting that big cock Nigerian abuse that pussy so he could finish and nut, even though that big cock was slamming that pussy to mercy! He never tried to fuck her again and she never went back to get fucked.

I said that’s a great story and she asked why? I said because you had a one night stand with a big dick Nigerian and you even let him finish nutting even though it was a huge cock that bored out that tight pussy. She said the following in a text:

“Lol idk…doesn’t sound that incredible. It was more like here is this weak impressionable 18 year old who is lured by a 30 something male, fucks her to tears, and offers an Italian soda as a thank you gift.”

She is not so innocent. I know her past. He wasn’t the first to slip her the one eyed trouser trout. So after being fucked to tears she was kicked to the curb. He never fucked her again. Thats what you call a one time use pussy!

You would think she learned her lesson, but oh no. She turned around soon afterwards and shared her pussy with the Nigerian’s nephew in a once and done fuck. Those Nigerians passed my wife’s pussy around like candy. She really likes those African cocks.

Love my naughty wife!

May 26
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    • Wife will be glad to know she’s not the only bbc fucker out there. She finds it hard to discuss such things with other chics. I mean, hard to bring up how she was fucked to tears by giant Nigerian cock. But I think she would like to bring it up! Ha

    • Lucky woman she knows what she likes

    • My ex wife used to tell me her fuck stories to get me horny. She was in the army and fucked a number of black guys. Three stories stand out. First was a guy who always tried to get her to suck his cock, she finally gave in resulting in a more powerful cum shot than she ever saw. It was in a car and three ropes his the inside roof of the car before he grabbed her head on pushed back down on his cock where he still can more than she could swallow. Another guy was similar to your story where she didn’t get a chance to see what was going inside her. She said it was thick and long. She is always wet so he slid in without much effort but she said it was painful with the stretch and then he kept going deeper and deeper. She could fee it biotin out before she reached down and realized there was still another fist of length. She said it felt like period cramps. She worked him as fast as possible. Afterward with the lights on she could see blood on the huge cock. She only fucked him once. The list is a guy she fucked a lot had a friend over and ended up tag teaming her, both with bug cocks and both had stamina. She said she was sore for a week.
      Once a slut always a slut

    • Once they go black they keep going back. My wife loves to go to Jamaica once a year by herself and she hooks up with black jamaican guys. She's had three at a time fucking her with their big cocks. She says that it hurts it first but after a while her pussy loosens up and she starts to enjoy the pain. She had fucked one of my black friends and she was hooked on black men after that. I am a average size for a white guy 6 inches but she tells me that she loves to feel big cock inside of her once in a while.

    • Since 2005 the wife and I Vacation in Haiti. Most of the locals have the darkest skin an I just love watching her fuck them. We put our vacation on pause during the Covid years. However we are making up for it. We vacationed for two weeks last year and are planning on two weeks this year.

    • My wife finally agreed to let a black friend of ours fuck her he and I started to share her one night while drinking she didn’t realize how big he was and when he went inde her in a good thrust she cried out and tested up but I told her she had to take all of him she cried in pain and fears but he finally pushed all the way up in her and fucked her good snd fill her pussy with his cum she said she wants to try him again I can’t wait

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