Wife confession #43: let some guy finger fuck me

Wife's had a couple doz lovers in her pre-marriage days. Lost her virginity to her older boss at 24, then kept "busy" for the next 8 yrs until we met. Her resume' reads - lots of blow-jobs, several 69's, swallows (she had 69 while a virgin - so first dick was in her mouth, not her cunt!), hand-jobs, leaning against the car fucks in the parking lot because they were too horny to wait for a bed with guys who picked her up at 'night spots' (she won't say 'bars'), several old boss-fucks in hotels, on desks, elevators, stairs, out-doors, bridges, etc.
Busy and very popular girl because she is very attractive - a bit of an innocent flirt - looks like a sexy 3rd grade teacher!....except fucks and sucks like a .......!, especially when drunk! (but then most girls do)
Anyway - this is confession #43 -- after I asked het to tell me something naughty while we were in bed, pre-sex...fondling, necking.
"Well, one time I went to an evening pool party with a female coworker. I had too much to drink. Her husbands brother introduced me to a nice looking friend of his."
"So, this is a friend of your co-worker's husbands brother?!"
"Yes, Nice looking man....in his swim trunks, without a shirt."
"What suit were you wearing?"
"That black one-piece that you like so much."
"The one that's cut real high on the hips and shows a lot of butt cheek?!"
"Yep. Anyway, I was in the pool, at the far end away from most of the swimmers and people at the party...just floating and listening to the music and enjoying the warm night."
"Well, Mr. nice looking swam up to me and ....we talked. Then we kissed. and being in the pool, floating - the best thing was to wrap my legs around him to keep from sinking. It was 10 ft deep at this end! We kissed a lot, then he turned me around so I could hold onto the side of the pool, he pushed himself against my butt and I could feel his hard-on!
"Yeah. Then what?!"
"Well, we were both pretty drunk......and I spread my legs and he touched inside my thighs gently and then slid his hand up and, when I didn't stop him, he slid his hand in the leg of my bathing suit and touched my pussy. He rubbed me some then slid a finger into me, and kissed me and put some more fingers in me, maybe 3?!, and finger-fucked me to a very nice orgasm!"
"Just one? What were you doing to him?"
"I reached back and had ahold of his dick through his shorts. Squeezing hard!"
"Well, we umm... neither of us wanted it to be over - so he moved me over to the cement pool stairs. We sat there in the water and I think he made me cum tow times again....while I pulled on him, and we kissed like crazy.....and the thing was - everybody at the other end of the pool had stopped and were watching us.....'doing' each other!"
"Then what?"
"Well, After we came up for air and let go of each other's crotch....I gave him one of my best "thank you" tongue kisses and got up to use the ladies room. I really had to pee after all that booz, and all that fingering!"
"What was his name?"
"No idea."
"I asked Beth, my co-worker not to mention this at the office downtown where we worked.....and as for the others there at the party, strangers to me - but she said they all agreed that we'd put on quite a sexy performance. Apparently, we made the wives want Mr nice body - and the husbands all wanted a shot at my crotch! Including Beth and her hubby! she admitted!
Then she said, "Honey - You do know that you're not very quiet when you're cumming?!"
"Oh dear....well, I was drunk!"
"Yes you were, dear!" and she smiled.

14 days

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    • My wife was similar during our marriage only I was too stupid to know what was going on. While we were married she would get me horny by talking about sex she had before we weee together. One story - during high school spring break she went down with a group of friends and she roomed with her best friend at the time. It started by betting who could get fucked first. They dropped their stuff in the room, changed to a bikini and went to the pool. Before they got to the pool they flirted with a group of three guys-it didn’t last long before they headed back to the guys room where it was a tie getting one of them inside each. During the session on more guy joined for a several hour session. A couple days her friend brought back six guys to the room where they woke my ex wife and talked her into joining them. She said this was the first time doing anything with a girl. The guys talked them into 69 while taking turns. She was and is a slut.

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