I found gay porn on my friends phone

My best friend of 25 years handed me his phone the other day to look up a song on YouTube and I saw pornhub open with a guy jerking off. I didn't tell him what I saw but I'm pretty sure he knows I found it. I have stopped all communication with him and also let all of our mutual friends know. I just can't believe how rampant all this queer behavior has gotten. It's really hitting home lately and I'm sick of it!

16 days


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    • Shoot him!!

    • You're not so good of a friend if you would turn your back on someone over their sexuality. You don't have to understand someone's life in order to accept them as they are. People are gay and bisexual. Always have been. The shame you are projecting onto your friend is what keeps us in the closet.

    • Fuck that, he can be a queer but I don't have to be around it or tolerate it! That's disgusting. Go in your closet and don't come out.

    • You're an ignorant fucking asshole. You don't deserve any friends. He probably isn't even gay. I hope you go to prison and get gang raped for how you've treated your "friend"

    • Too bad, you could have become very good friends.

      My best friend sucks me off when we hang out all the time. One time he wanted me to fuck him too. We don't do that very often because I'm not as into it as he is. He usually asks me to dick him down on his birthday.

    • That's fucking disgusting. You need to seek help.

    • I'd turn you out in less than an hour! All talk but give in so easily! I love simps like you!

    • You say it's hitting home, like you are gay and it's hitting home that your friends are also gay? You should be proud of the fact thst you have friends! You seem like a total fucking asshole! Sorry your friend ever trusted you, you sorry fucking piece of shit! What if he isn't gay, just likes to see all aspects of porn. Do you watch guys fuck chick's, best part of a porn is ehen he busts all over her isn't it? Are you gay because you watched him bust his nut?

    • I'd rather be an asshole than a faggot. I don't watch porn at all, I don't need that shit. Fuck him and all that disgusting shit. You sound like a little faggot yourself, you nasty pos, seek help.

    • Why are you so angry? Who hurt you? Did you get raped as a child? Why so bitter? I'll bet you 100 dollars. Sit and watch a gay porn, if you get hard I get to suck your didk, if you don't you get 100 bucks!

    • Step away from the mirror.

    • My absolute best friend in the world came out to me, never has tried anything and absolutely nothing has or will ever change. He's my best friend for a reason! Also a guy jerking off isn't gay, it's just a guy jerkong off! With a friend like you, who needs enemies! He's better off without your ignorant ass!

    • That's fuckin weird man.. and yeah watching another man jack off is gay.. you must be a queer to even say that.

    • You're a dumb mother fucker! Grow up!

    • There is no hope for you ever growing up.

    • You did this to your best friend? You must be really insecure about your own sexuality, you're an asshole

    • Didn't u ready the post? And I'm good, I'm married to a woman, like I'm intended to be, I'm not mentally ill.

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