Showed my wife's brother her nude photos

My wife told me that she was sure her brother used to perv on her when they were at home, convinced he used her panties. She saw his hard dick a few times "accidentally". Mine was only the 2nd cock she'd seen - she was surprisingly still a virgin when we met when she was 18.
My wife has been a model part-time, fashion but also topless and nude for advertising (back in the day - not the thing these days). On vacation, she is always topless, even now. She has great breasts, 34B so still in shape and quite perky.
I was showing her brother our holiday photographs on my laptop and decided I'd tease him by showing his sister on the beach with her tits out. At first, I said, "Oh sorry, didn't mean to show that one", and then seeing his interest, I said, "But I'm sure you've seen them before". He muttered something meaning he clearly had seen them before. "Well, I might as well carry on" and I continued to show our photos including my wife topless in just tiny bikini bottoms. I could tell he was aroused.
His wife used to model too and I knew hers were "glamour" photos. I'd heard rumours that she gave up modelling as she was always expected to have sex with the photographers. I'm sure that's true as my wife was expected to open her legs as part of her work too. I'm fine with that. An age-old story...
So I said to my brother-in-law, it's interesting that we both married girls that were models, but I'd never seen his wife's portfolio. He took out his phone and he was soon showing me his then younger wife, first of all with skimpy tops and panties, then a blouse with no bra, blouse being gradually unbuttoned until her fine breasts were totally out. More topless, and then finally a few with her legs open and a fine auburn bush to match her hair. "Very nice", I said. We are both proud of our wives. He continues scrolling. I saw one flash by, just for a moment, but it was clearly a photo of my brother-in-law and his wife having sex. "That looked interesting", I said. He was embarrassed now. "I can't show you those," he said. "Anyway she'd kill me if she knew I'd shown you anything".
"I could show you more. I have nudes too" I use Lightroom to organise photos and have everything tagged. I searched for my wife's photos with the keyword "nude". They were in date order. The first nude photos were when she was 20 and still living at home. They were professional photos. "Wow," he said, "she was doing nude modelling then - I thought it was just fashion. Dad would have had a fit".
"I bet, you remember seeing her like that too" I was pushing to see what he admitted to seeing. "You had such a hot sister - she still is of course"
My wife dressed very provocatively as a teen, I can see from photos a few years before, she was wearing skimpy tops with no bra, tiny shorts showing camel toe. Drove the guys crazy. She had a Saturday job in a newsagents and one day, the owner standing behind her, put his hand up her top and felt her tits. She dealt with that well, got a pay rise as hush money and it never happened again with him.
It's not at all surprising that her brother was perving over her.
I continued the photo slideshow and my wife's brother was clearly enjoying seeing his sister's tits and pussy. I knew there was a photo of his sister being fucked about to come up. When it showed on the screen, I let it stay for a second, long enough for him to see his sister being fucked doggy on the bed, and then I moved on. "I bet you liked that," I said. What I didn't say to him, it wasn't me that was fucking her - it was one of the guys from her office. I showed a few more and said we'll have to stop there as there are thousands of photos. He was clearly disappointed. I suggested we could swap a few photos. He agreed. I now have 20 photos of his wife and he included a few of them having sex. He now has 20 nude photos of his sister from age 20 to 55-ish.
I bet he is back to regularly knocking one off over his sister :)
Perhaps I should give him a pair of her panties so he can use them again.

17 days

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    • My sister knows I used to show off on purpose to her when we were younger. One night at my pool my wife and sister got topless, and we were all drunk. My brother in law asked me if I wanted to swap for the night. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. I let him fuck my wife, and I fucked my sister.

    • Lets see

    • If only this site had a way to share photos ....

    • My BIL has ad the hots for my wife, his SIL for years.
      Not long ago he accidentally met her on a girls night out - her friends had left the night spot.
      He slid into the booth with her....and her short skirt.
      Pretty soon they were both feeling no pain....and she caught him looking at her crotch. "Brian, are you looking at my panties?!"
      "Yep, I sure am. You've got great legs honey!"
      she went to thank him....and their mouths got too close - he stuck his tongue in her mouth and sli his hand up her thigh. She said, "Hey bud - you're married to my sister!"
      He said, "I sure am!....and I've been wanting to get into your pants for a decade - and you KNOW that!"
      He fingered her to a near orgasm, while she squeezed his balls and dick in his pants....before his wife showed up. Looking for him. My wife said she's pretty sure she saw was he was doing between her legs......
      So far no fireworks!

    • She probably rode him like Dale Evans half the night - then bitch-slapped him!

    • Some of us would have no problem with that :)

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