Living next door to the neighborhood cum-rag

I'm the luckiest 35 year old motherfucker on earth. The guy in the next apartment is in his early twenties. He is a bottomless, insatiable cum-addict; if I didn't willingly pump loads into him at least a couple times a day, I think he'd break in and rape me for my jizz. He treats blowjobs like an art form. I've joked that he's the only faggot I've fucked who could wring cum from a dildo, and make it beg for mercy. He loves hearing me talk dirty and having me cum in him so much he does things to get it I thought only existed in fiction. I'm not gay, but I think I'm falling in love anyway. The trouble is, I'm not his only fuck-buddy; just the most frequent one, and the only one in the building. He's taken loads from half the people in town, and I'm pretty sure any doctor that tested him for VDs would run away screaming. I know I can't ask him for a commitment, because his sex drive is way higher than mine and he'd reduce me to a puddle of spinal fluid and some teeth in a week; but I also don't want my fuckdoll to die of the various diseases he seems intent upon collecting.

17 days

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    • He should start taking Prep, maybe?

    • This. Just be aware that it only protects against HIV, and none of the other nasties out there.

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