Cam femdom destroying me

I recently discovered I have a femdom fetish, I've become what many call a "pay pig". I found a girl on Chaturbate and she has totally gotten in my head. It's honestly pathetic, I don't know how I've let it get this bad. I try to go a day without logging in but she will text me and talk me in to logging in then the rest is history. It's to the point I don't even like the fetish. She's talked me into downloading soft ware called "any desk" where she can control my desktop. She will talk me into buying tokens then she will take all of them at once. She's gone way beyond what I'm comfortable with. But at the same time I don't want to let her down. For example she wants $40 a day just for lunch and if I don't send it right when she asks she will be like "I thought u were better than this, I'll just cut you off, you're not what I thought you were." I always end up sending it. It's really spiraled out of control. I went private with her the other day and she talked me out of over $900 worth of tokens on top of $40 for lunch on cash app. I've been trying to ignore her for the last day but it's so hard. I really need help, I've maxed out 2 credit cards I know I won't be able to pay. I'm too embarrassed to tell her I'm almost broke. I know this sounds insane and just writing it makes me realize how bad it's gotten. Please be careful, this fetish is an addiction and it's dangerous! Can someone help? If I had to guess I've spent around 30k on this girl and I have nothing to show for it, I don't even jerk off to her anymore, she's just a bully at this point..any advice will be greatly appreciated.

19 days

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