Bareback hookups

I'm mostly straight but there are times that I will hook up with guys and I can't stand when they want to go raw. I will flat out refuse to have sex with them, no telling what they have contracted. No way I'm putting it in someone raw, idk how guys do that..

8 days

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    • I bottomed quite a lot with other boy's topping me and we never even thought of using condoms and I never caught anything. When I got into my teens I met a man who taught me that it's lot's safer to use protection if it's someone who I don't really know.

    • Settle down, Queenie!

    • If I don't know the guy he has to wear a condom no matter what. But like the guy I am seeing now we both are married and he doesn't just go around fucking a lot of different guys. So after a year or so I started letting him bareback me and letting him cum inside of me. I keep my ass very clean inside and out for him so there's no mess if you know what I mean. And before anyone says anything stupid yes my wife knows that I am bisexual and I have never had any sexual diseases because I am very careful about who I let fuck my ass.

    • My partner pulled the condom off my cock the other night and told me to make him mine. That was the hottest thing ive ever had someone do. I filled his cute little ass up.

    • I fuck married men raw and fill them with cum. It’s way harder to catch something if you’re the one doing the fucking. Now if your being fucked and you open up their conservative GOP married ass, and you make little tears on their ass, they can catch something

    • Democrat ass is always tunnel-sized stretched.

    • You can very well catch disease being the pitcher. That’s how half of the homeless DemoKKKrat dudes caught it. The other half of those Obamascuds got it while catching.
      Moochelle Obama infected more than a few of them as well.

    • The more closeted they are the more haha. I am a top too. Curious guys always want to bottom. I fuck so many first timers and always raw. I send them home full of my seed. The look of panic on their face “holy shit, what did I do?” That’s the best. I lay in my bed watching them gather their things and leave knowing they will be calling back very soon. Second time I start making them say they’re gay while I pump their ass.

    • Dream big, feltcher!

    • Where you from my wife likes me to fuck her in the ass as another guy fucks me in my ass

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