Wife’s nude pictures

I would like to share my wife’s naked photos with Navy personnel on ships at sea or Army or Marines stationed at bases where ever in the world. I don’t think any of you would be disappointed.

19 days

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    • Ok , let's see if your right dancingonstilts@gmail.com

    • Go navy! kennykuel@outlook.com

    • Oh, let me see if i'm disappointed

    • Ssbasebel@gmail.com

    • I took semi-nudes of my 18 yr old wife with me to Vietnam. Shared 'em with buddies.
      I wrote her that I was showing her 'teats and her panty covered crotch" to to other young super horny guys.
      That made her hot - back there in the States with no dick to ride! I asked her to send me the sexiest tape she could think of.
      I got two tapes - one of her playing with herself,,,,,using her hairbrush handle in her cunt, an then she's finishing herself off on "your pillow, honey!" Super sexy listening to this 18 yr old cumming!
      The other one was super raunchy! Two guys broke into her apt and spent the night raping her! She had multiple orgasms in that one.
      Of course .....I let the guys sit around in a circle-jerk to listen to these sexy tapes from an actual 18 yr old SoCal born blonde! They'd see her pictures.....and her ass and teats and crotch in her little panties!
      She was "furious that I'd let them listen"....she said. When I got home she admitted that she had hoped I'd share her sex tapes! She masturbated to them before sending them over to me - imagining what us young guys would be doing with our stiff dicks while we listened to her cumming!

    • Yep been there done that.
      Also: my 21 yr old wife sent me pairs of her bikini panties every so often. She always made sure she'd cum in them - and that I'd find at least one cunt hair in them, "to put in your mouth and think of me, honey!" (gotta LOVE a girl who would think to do that for her man! )

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