How many cocks did your wife have before you?

My wife admitted that between the age if 18-21 she fucked between 45-50 guys and lost count how many cocks she sucked and swallowed. Do yoy think this is horny or slutty? Has your told you how many she had before you. Does it turn you on knowing?

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    • Mine admitted to me that she fucked 7 before me and also had some form of sexual activity with another 10 or so before we met including dry humping oral and fingering. this was when we were dating she admitted this to me but later on in the marriage she admitted it was closer to 50 who had sex with ehr and she added some of the activity she said was touching fingering oral etc was also a lot of jerking breast play anal and non penetrative sex. The clser to 50 is mostly intercourse and there were some of those non penetrative who "were between the folds but not fully inside" About 3-4 months later she admitted to several threesomes with a total of 5 other men around the time we met as well as being watched with ehr first husb by one of his friends and cheating on her first husb with that friend. I found this all hot.

    • My wife admits to 11 fucks before me, mostly one night stands. She's my 10th. God only knows how many she's sucked, but she will not swallow. She won't even let me finish in her mouth or on her face. It took an act of Congress to get her to try anal. I loved it, she hated it. Complained the whole time. I LOVED cumming in her ass.

    • My wife started at 14 and we met at 20, she had fucked 18 guys and sucked off more than she remembers. She doesn’t even count the guys she only let have anal with her from 12 to 14 because she didn’t want to lose her virginity.

    • That’s difficult to say. Sometimes something will reminder her of a person, place or time. She disclosed to me, when we started dating, that her 1st sexual-man encounter happened 15 years earlier. She was 15, had gone through puberty and her breasts suddenly were 32DDD. One day when she was alone with a 27 year old married family friend, he just stated looking in her eyes, squeezing her tits and ass. This was followed by her getting a lesson on passionate kissing from him. She said that his kisses made it so she couldn’t move and she was very wet. He went down on her pussy and then she squeezed his head with her thighs and had her most intense orgasm ever! He guided her on how to suck his cock but It took a couple of weeks before he started to fuck her. That was 25 years ago, now, if everything is right, maybe 2 - 3 or less / year. Most of the times she’s being fucked, or going down on a guy’s cock, I’m usually watching.

    • My wife started fucking in middle school. Age 14 was her first cock. She continued fucking men until she got married to husband number 1 at age 20. She claims to have fucked 47 men. Even though she was under age in the start almost all of the men were married. She divorced her first husband when she was 26. She said she fucked 33 men while married to him. One of the men she fucked was me. So we dated and fucked our brains out. There was something about fucking a slut. l married her. She is now 34. While we have been married she has fucked 41 men. I have no intention of divorcing her. I love eating that cum filled pussy too much.

    • This is neither horny nor slutty. In my experience many young girls love to be fucked by sexually mature men as they are more relaxed in the act, do not rush while fucking and generous in many ways. During the corona days being jobless I roamed around almost empty park nearby to be acquainted with this kind of men, brought them at my place for coffee and ended up in the bedroom for pleasure. This paid me well in my hard days...

    • Slutty. But not as bad as wives who continue to fuck others after they marry

    • My wife had been with 8 other men before we married but I’m a cuckold now and she has had at least 25 to 30 young collage guys she’s 44 and they love their milfs snd I love to watch

    • Lucky lady. She is living the dream. So jealous

    • My wife had fucked seven men. One of them, the longest relationship, had 12" cock.
      Now I used a penis sleeve to compete and she loves that.

    • I'd like to know what ages your wives are. It is my experience that women that grew up in the early to mid 70's will lie about their number with a smile on their face. My wife always told me that I was her one and only, come to find out many years later I was more like 6th or 7th.
      That by itself really doesn't bother me as much as they feel that they have to be dishonest

    • My wife admitted to 35 by the time we married at 25, after 10 years of marriage the number is now about 45, we do threesums and I sometimes let her fuck a stranger that we might meet on vacation or somewhere.

    • No, it's not my wife

    • Mine was a total prude growing up. She married her first and stayed for several years. When she divorced him she went a little wild. In a 1-1/2 year time frame she slept with 10 including me. The thought of her with them turns me on big time. As does the thought of sharing her. I often wonder what’s wrong with me I’d get aroused at that but I do.

    • My exgf said she slept with more than a 100 by the time she was 20. Sometimes 4 or 5 at a time

    • My wife and I grew up in the same neighborhood together and when she started having sex when she was 13 years old she was going through one guy after the other. I watched her grow up into a beautiful girl and she had a body to die for. I would see different guys with her all the time. She was walking in the rain in the middle of the night when I was driving home I stopped and gave her a ride home. She was at a party and the guys had all fucked her and then put her out in the rain thinking it was funny she was 17 at the time. I don't know how long we talked in front of her parents house but it was getting light outside we became friends after that my family didn't like her at all calling her a slut and other things. But I seen her differently when we talked together deep down she was a good loving person. When I asked her to marry me she told me that she wasn't a one man kind of woman but I was okay with that. She doesn't know really how many guys have fucked her before we got married somewhere around 70 or 80 most of them more than once. We have been married now and 40 years and I know that she's been with at least 30 different men since we got married. We have had a lot of fun over the years and I don't regret marrying her for anything.

    • My wife of 48 years and is 12 years older than me, I knew from day one that she loved cock. She’d met her first husband at 15 and although she’d sucked severely of the lads from the village where she lived and had been eaten by all of them she was a virgin. The chap was 9 years older and a copper with 13 inches of solid cock. She told me it took her months before she had taken it all because he had PE and as soon as he entered her he’d cum and roll off and go to sleep. She married him at 18 and remained faithful to him always hoping things would get better. 10 years later she left him and went absolutely wild fucking all that wanted her. I was 17 when I first got to have her and fell hopelessly in love. She carried on seeing other men but always came home to me. I was 19 when I asked her to marry me and she did the following year. She stopped seeing other men the day of the wedding and we’ve had a great sex life and still do. Two years ago I started having problems and told her she could go with other men and after a few months she got with a stranger on holiday. Since then she’s had probably two guys a week which I’m fine with. The ultimate was on a Caribbean cruise, after talking to a couple of ladies on their own they said they were only there for the black cock, and for £50 they could have sex all day. The following day she went with them and they showed her the ropes so to speak. We’ve been to the Caribbean 5 times now just for her to indulge in her passion. Our marriage is as strong as ever. I’m back to my old self so she has the best of both worlds.

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