Panties in Airport

My wife and I play games with each other, like make possibly embarrassing sexual bets. I lost a bet this week and were on vacation soon. My punishment if you will is I habe to wear women's underwear through the entire day of flying. I am so nervous but she took me to VS to pick out my demise. I have a huge panty fetish ao she git me some lace and silk panties with matching bra, garter and hose. She knows I'll set off the metal detector so I'm extremely nervous. I also am afraid of cumming in my silk panties as I use hers often to jerk off with. Wish me luck, ill post again after my embarrassment. She keeps making jokes like they're gonna anal probe me etc. A man could only be so lucky! Lol

18 days

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    • Trip was so fun. I wore some sexy pink lacy panties on the way to our destination. I wore a Bra and hose also. I was nervous because the bra had an under wire support. I went through the metal detector expecting it to go off. Thank God it didn't. It was uneventful but I was horny the whole trip. I've worn panties pretty much the whole time here and we head back on Friday. She's taking me shopping tomorrow for something new to wear! Wish me luck!

    • I lost a bet and had to wear woman’s panties for a day and do all my regular activities. When I went to the fitness center I got several stares while I was changing. I quickly got into my workout clothes and did my routine. After I showered and was getting dressed, a big burly guy made a suggestive comment. I hurriedly finished dressing and left. It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to that fitness center. I’m concerned on what might happen if he sees me again, especially if it’s in the steam room.

    • My wife dared me to wear pink lace panties to my yearly physical. My doctor was a pro and didn't miss a beat. He never reacted or said a word

    • You will just have the greatest day

    • The exciting part is having to show them to the security at the airport! Fun! You should paint your toenails so they can see them when you take your shoes off. 😀

    • I'm a government worker so luckily I get TSA lre check so security is a breeze. I secretly wanna get caught though! Just to see how I react!

    • Good luck mate. I love silk panties. If I had to wear them I would have a hard on most of the time. Flying will be especially difficult.

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