First swinger party went bad

My wife and I were invited to a swinger party, we’ve always wanted to try it out. We talked about it beforehand and decided we would do a swap with another couple if we could agree on the couple. We got there, all the women were wearing lingerie, it was a lingerie party and my wife was in a see through bra and panties with a see through robe. The men were encouraged to only wear underwear, so I had boxers on. We had a good time, we were naked in the hot tub when another couple came in to join us, the wife was hot and about ten years younger than us, the husband was really fit and had a really big flaccid thick cock. After some flirting in the hot tub my wife just blurted out to the couple that she wanted to swap. I wanted to have sex with the other woman but I was jealous about his sick size fucking my wife. But, they agreed but only if we did it in separate rooms, I didn’t want to but my wife wouldn’t let it go, she wanted to have sex with him, and she offered to set up her phone to record it all so we can watch later. I stupidly agreed, we went into separate rooms, I had awkward first time sex with a very sexy younger woman which was fun, but my wife really fucked up big time. She sucked the guy’s big dick and then he fucked her for a bit until he hit her cervix and she screamed in pain, they tried again and again, and it would t last more than a minute before she was in pain, they only had sex with about 4 minutes before she called it quits and offered to suck his dick instead. She was sucking him while he fingered her while other couples were watching them, I didn’t know others would watch them, then she pointed to a guy watching and said “fuck me” and he fucked her pussy while she sucked off the huge dick. The huge dick guy kept dick slapping her and throat fucking her, while other men and women felt up her tits and she jerked off another guy with her free hand. Finally the big dick guy came all over her face, which she doesn’t even let me do, and the other guy just fucked her fast and hard while the hand job guy jerked off and came on her tits and face. When she was done she kissed a woman who fingered her and my wife fingered her back, also something I’ve never seen her do. The whole thing was quick, maybe 10 minutes. When she and I came back together she didn’t mention any of that. When I watched the video I was shocked and now we’re fighting and she’s blaming me.

19 days

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    • I regret going to a swinger party, too. We were invited and discussed that we’d only do oral if we both agreed. We got there, it was fun, a hot tub with naked wives and music and drinks, women including my wife were dancing for the guys to watch and I was having a good sexy time. I noticed my wife and another man were talking quite a bit throughout the night and he had a sexy wife. I asked my wife if she’d like to swap, only oral, with them and she said yes. I told her to go talk with the wife and they came back and we went into a room and the wives kissed and then both went down in both of us guys, then they separated and my wife sucked his dick and his wife sucked mine. It was sexy, and the wives laid down and we each went down on each other’s wife’s and kissed them and it was very hot. Turns out, the guy was an ex-boyfriend of my wife, they date for like 6 months when she was 18, they had sec during that time and we’re surprised to see each other after 10 years. They’re now having sexy regularly, his wife is okay with it and my wife says I have to get used to it.

    • Who’s idea was the swinging in the first place?

    • Well, you can tell her you tried it and don't want to do it again. If she gives you grief then I'd have someone watch her as she may want to do it again without you

    • Get a grip man!
      This is what swinging is!
      Your wife is popular new tail!

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