Cheating in my husband and now pregnant

I’ve been cheating on my husband with a lot of different guys mostly black and Hispanic men. I know a few came in me but I’m on birth control and I just found out I’m pregnant. Idk how to tell my husband but I know it’s not his and I have no idea how to get in touch with any of the guys.

21 days

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    • My wife wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot for me. So I went along, So she did it, wore alot of sexy lingerie and sexy poses. Her photographer was a black man. After the shoot was all over it was time to pay and the photographer made us an offer. If he can fuck my wife there in the studio on sofa while I watch he will give us 75% off. We thought of it and said screw it, let's do it. Then the photographer gave another offer which was the shoot totally free if he can fuck my wife and shoot his load of cum into my wifes pussy. Shocked by it but we eventually agreed. So the photographer locked front door and I sat down to watch my wife and photographer proceed to have sex. I will never forget the finish he had my wife in doggy position fucking her really fast. The black photographer tells my wife "I'm going to cum, are you ready?" My wife shouts "yes" the photographer says "im going to cum right now" the black photographer thrusts extremely fast and lets out loud moans and grunts as he shot his cum right into my wife. I watched my wifes face as her eyes rolled into her head as she screamed "Omg I felt that , wow you cum so hard" they got dressed and the shoot was free. On way home wife and I talked and she said " babe wow i felt the photographer cum a lot and really hard inside me like he had not blew a load in a long time. I never felt a guy cum like that inside me."

    • Jealous. Your wife will definitely be seeing more of that photographer

    • It happened with us my wife was needing BBC and was getting it regular. The baby was born everyone was in shock. But I continued and she has continued to fuck bbc. And I am now raising two biracial daughters and I love them very much

    • I had a baby from a black guy when I was cheating on my husband kinda he knew that I was sleeping around with other men. And to be honest I didn't know if it was my husband's or someone's else's. So after the baby was born and she was definitely from a black man my husband was upset and mad at first but he got over it and I didn't know who the father was but my husband treated her like she was his and everything worked out my husband asked me to get my tubes tied so I couldn't get pregnant again and I did. I was more open and honest with him after about what I was doing with other men and we have been very happy together because he understands that I can't just stop wanting to have sex with black men.

    • Nice going cumdumpster another kid growing up fatherless. Dont wait till the baby's born either abort or tell your husband 90 percent chance your having a black baby cause you been allowing men use that cunt as a cumdumpster. I'm sure you no what a dumpster is.

    • I don't blame you, I love Black and Hispanic men too

    • I have three mix children and my husband loves them as much as I do he finds the guys to breed me

    • Same here my wife has 3 kids and is pregnant with her 4th. All different dads and none of them are mine!

    • Get an abortion now:

    • Better start sucking his cock

    • It’s time to turn to prostitution if you’re not already doing it and that’s how you got knocked up.
      Most men will dump you when they find out
      If you’re extremely sexy and you were my wife and did this to me I wouldn’t dump you. I would continue to fuck you and probably whore you out to couple of bar friends for some extra cash because you are a whore and I’d accept that.

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