Jacked off in the crotch of her panties

My 40 year old hot blond stepdaughter recently moved in with us to help out with her mother because she has dementia.
She got divorced about two years ago and she is very horny I think . One night we were drinking and smoking some pot together and she was sitting there in. Her shorts and I could see her panties and she said do you like. It? And I replied I fucking love said. Would you like to play with it and maybe taste it? I said are you fucking kidding me? I would be all over and in the that.
Since then She has asked me to cum in her pantie
s and put them on her bed so she can put them on and feel my cum on her. Very erotic and crazy.

11 days

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    • Karen (the fat shaming loser on NaughtyPosts that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed. He can barely waddle to and from the truck stop where he gets his sperm injections at both ends.
      He leaves a slug trail behind as he walks to and from the truck stop and his mom’s trailer.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick.

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.
      He’s mad now because he’s such a fat slob and the young boys easily outrun his fat ass.

      Because he spent his dead mom’s life savings on trips to the gloryholes he has had to resort to consuming mass quantities of sperm and shit from the truck drivers when he’s servicing them in the sleepers of their trucks.

      Karen is just a fat, pathetic major fuck up!

    • I jerked off on the crotch of my step daughters panties while she was wearing them and her encouraging me to cum on them but I couldn’t have her pussy yet. After I painted the crotch of her pastel lavender silky panties she went to bed with her husband. About thirty minutes later I heard them having sex. Their bedroom is right next to ours. I got all aroused again and couldn’t sleep so I went to the living room to watch tv.
      A few minutes later my daughter come out wearing a silky camisole with lace cups and still wearing her pastel lavender panties. She also was wearing a half robe that was wide open until she sat down next to me. She said did you hear us? I said yup. She said he went down on me and wondered why I was so wet then he fucked me. She pulled open her robe and said look and i gasped her crotch of her panties were soaked. She said kiss my panties dad it’s only fair he cleaned your mess now I want you to clean his. I was reluctant and she said comon dad I’ll even give you some pussy if you do this for me. Well that did it my head was between her thighs I was lick the crotch of her very soaked musky smelling panties. She moved her panties to the side my tongue went straight up her cunt. My face was a glazed donut. Then I mounted her missionary and fucked that pretty thick thighed redhead. Didn’t last long and I was pumping my cum deep in her very used pussy. As I lay on top of her catching my breath she said dad I’m ovulating.
      She said we will see who the baby looks like and find out who’s most potent John (Her Husband) or you dad. Thank God she’s my step daughter. Then I heard my wife getting up and had to scramble to get clothed. That was four months ago and yes she’s pregnant.

    • I’d lick her asshole as I whacked off until I covered her ass cheeks in hot sticky jizz

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy secretions

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