Wife of 11 years is now a bbc slut

My wife told me she’s been extremely into black guys lately and this came out of nowhere. She has always been very traditional and never once thought she would be interested. She’s now made two dates with different guys and I have to admit they are huge. I’m afraid she’s not going to be satisfied with me anymore.

22 days

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    • My husband wanted me to go home with a black guy that was hitting on me at work he said that I should see if I would like having a bigger cock fucking me..my husband kept bugging me about it almost daily after I told him how the guy was hitting on me wanting to take me out. So I finally got the nerve to go out with him one Friday night. The sex was so good that I stayed with him all weekend he had fucked me one more time just before he drove me home as soon as I got home my husband wanted to know everything I had done with him and how big he was and when I told him that he had just finished fucking me my husband wanted to fuck me right then and there. So I let him and I could hardly feel his dick inside of me and usually my husband could only last a few minutes when we had sex but this time he lasted a lot longer because I wasn't so tight my pussy was striched out from being fucked by my black friend who was a lot bigger than my husband. Now I have been having sex with black men for about 10 years now but I still enjoy my husband's smaller cock I love sucking him off and he can make me have an Orgasm with his mouth and tongue. So there's other ways to satisfy your wife if you really want to.

    • No, she won't be satisfied with you anymore. Save your self-respect and find someone who is satisfied with you.

    • I will be fine my wife has a black bull that comes over to our house two or three times a week I talked her in to this when she was 34 and now she’s 45 she’s had three different bulls in that time but our sex is stronger than ever and I love to reclaim that stretched cum fill pussy of hers I’m only 6 inch and all bbc have been 8 plus her bull now is 54 years old and 9 inches with coke can girth so if we still have good se after he finishes in her you good

    • It’ll be fine, trust me. I started encouraging my wife to date when she was 34, she’s 43 now. She’s allowed to go out on Wednesday and Friday nights only, with overnight only allowed if she can be home by 8 am Saturday. She’s done well keeping to the rules. Before she started dating, she was a chubby mom body plain Jane who wasn’t interesting or interested in sex who dressed in oversized overalls and was miserable, for both of us. We were on the brink of divorce and I talked her into opening our marriage. Her transformation into a sexy MILF didn’t take long, she got breast implants and turned those saggy B cup milk tits into DD MILF tits, started working out, getting hair nails and waxing done regularly, and dressing sexier. Now she’s so damn hot and she’s secure sexually and willing to do anything.

    • Forgot to say, she dates black guys a lot. She’s dated men of all races and ethnicities over the past 9 years, but younger or older Black men are her go to, mainly because they’re usually in better shape, taller, and much more confident in their approach, and like she says she goes for the guys with the biggest dicks, that’s her “type”. The hard part is when a relationship ends, and we have to deal with her heartbreak, but she maintains it well by having at least 2 or 3 men in her dating rotation. She currently dating 3 men, and she’s married to me so she’s getting fucked regularly by 4 men. Her relationships last about 2-6 months before the men move on, they know they’re not going to get anywhere pursuing a married woman who’s going out on her husband so her relationships are short. In a year she’ll date between 4-8 different men so it’s a slow revolving door. She has one night stands every once in a while, if the guy just wants to fuck and most call her again but usually they want to fuck her several times before disappearing. She’s fine with it, it’s fun for her, she goes out to all the clubs, bars, restaurants, concerts, etc. get drunk and dances and has sex with men she’s interested in, then comes home and is wife and mom, all the while remaining super hot.

    • It didn’t come out of nowhere. And you’re right, she won’t want you anymore. So instead of whining about it go out and get a gf.

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