I asked my gf to fuck with her ex

Me and my gf are on long distance relationship. whenever we have phone sex, I am lack of something so I have been asking her to date with her ex and fuck. So one day it happened.
She went out for dinner with him, and followed his house. She texted me along the way. I lost contact for 30 mins and she texted , “He kissed me and he touched my pussy. I accepted now he is getting the drinks”. Shit I am so excited. Then she called me and told me to mute and she put down the phone near me.
He came into the room back, I can hear everything even though music is playing. He kissed her again with heavy breathing, then he put his dick into her mouth, she sucked and gave a very good and jealousy blowjob for me to hear as he moaned a lot. Shit that’s so hot.
She sucked the balls as well. Then he said take off the clothes, she told to use condom but unfortunately no condom, then he fucked her, pounded her and she has been making noises like omg omg so good, I am like wtf.
It’s like changing positions and different rhythms as he has been fucking her with all pleasures till he cum shittttt.

That is one of the very hot fetish happened for me. I love her

22 days

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