First orgasm at 38 years old

I lost my virginity on the night of my wedding to the only man I'd ever slept with for 20 years. My husband has a cock that's so short and skinny that my tampons are bigger and he always fucked me in a minute or two. So 2 years ago I ran into a guy that was my neighbor growing up and he still good looking and I've heard that he has a monster cock. We talked for a while and he ask me to come over to his house and talk about the old days and for whatever reason I said yes so I went over there because my husband was on the road for his work and would be gone for a week. So he answered the door with only a towel on and I could see his cock bulging out and it made my pussy hot and wet
Well the towel fell too the floor and when I saw his F erect cock my legs started shaking and he didn't put it back on and he just started kissing me and his cock was rock hard and he started rubbing my pussy and I started rubbing his cock and then he started eating my pussy something my husband never did and I had my first ever orgasm and it was awesome. But when he started slowly sliding his cock in I could feel every inch and it really hurt at first but when he started pounding my pussy really hard and deeper than my husband ever got close to and he cum for the first time I felt it but he stayed rock hard and I had a orgasm quick and he fucked the hell out of me for over a hour. But he wasn't finished I think he fucked me all night and I never left for 5 days and he fucked me so many times my pussy was stretched out and full of cum and he made me a different female I even sucked him off several times. But when my husband got home and he fucked me he said that my pussy felt like it's been fucked by a horse or something..

20 days


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    • Was his name seabiscuit

    • It had

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