Anyone else love to get her pubes in your teeth?

I think I'd almost rather eat a girl than fuck her!
I know that when I'm with a girl for the first time - I always work my way down and get my face into her crotch....long before we start fucking!
I love the different tastes of women....nothing down there is anything but sweet to smell and taste!
I think this new thing of shaved pussies is sad. One has to search 'vintage' nudes to see women at their loveliest!
Glad my wife doesn't want to shave her cunt anymore.. She said one of her former lovers shaved her - she said it was weird to lay there while he did that.....and that it was prickly and unpleasant as she grew it back out.
When I'm smelling the crotch of panties - I love finding the little 'treasure' of a pubic curl embedded there!
And I love coming up after 20 mins of having a meal in my wife's pussy with a couple of her pubes stuck in my teeth!
Anyone else?
(sexy side story: when my wife worked at Sears as a teenager - she had an older supervisor who'd take her in a back room and neck with her and feel her up - hands all over her clothed pussy and her teen butt, squeezing her teats and ass, tongue down her throat.....anyway, she told me recently that he used to moan in her mouth and then whisper in her ear that he wanted "to eat" her in the worst way! My wife said she had no idea what that meant - probably that he just wanted to eat her up - because she was a delicious youngster! Later she found out what "eating" a girl was. "Wow, THAT would have been something - if he'd put me up on some boxes and got my panties down and started doing that to me! Whoa!")

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    • I adore a natural hairy pussy. That’s what a real women looks like- no fake tits and a nice full bush. My favorite is when the pussy hair extends all up into her asshole too.When I eat a pussy and ass it’s always from behind, so I can get a face full of fur.

    • That last bit with your young wife's manager telling this innocent kid that he wanted to "eat her"....and she didn't know what it meant! HOT!
      One can only imagine how much he really did want to get his mouth into your teen wife's sweet pussy!

    • Yeah - nothing better than going down on a teenager!
      Just the idea of where you're at with your fingers and tongue is a sexy treat.....a teenager's cunt! fresh, firm and easy to spread!

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