I’m going to fuck my husbands married friend

My husband’s friend is technically still married but they are separated. I’ve had a huge crush on him for years and my husband knows. I found out he was separated recently so I messaged him that I’m sorry for what he was going through and eventually got to the point where I told him to come fuck me. He was hesitant about it at first but I sent him a bunch of nudes and finally after years of waiting for his massive dick, I’m finally going to get the biggest cock I have ever seen.

24 days

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    • 2 of our friends' husbands have fucked my wife. In both cases, it was the guys that made the first move, probably because they'd heard gossip about our lifestyle and assumed she's available. Doesn't always go well in real life. In both cases, the wives found out and they won't be coming around for dinner parties anymore.

    • Nothing is off limits today. Even in a group of 7 couples in a restaurant, one of my wife’s friends, with her husband sitting next to us just said “He knows I’ll never leave him, not with a cock as big as a horse’s.” He was embarrassed, there was a delayed laugh but all the women were intrigued. I could even see my wife embarrassed a little but thinking. A few times I even caught her just looking at time briefly. When we talked on the way home she just said that there wasn’t a girlfriend or wife at that table who wasn’t thinking abound being fucked by her husband’s cock.

    • What a load of shit, piss off

    • Ohay, naff off

    • My wife fucked one of my friends one drunk night. When he broke up with his fiancé my wife drunkenly said “she said he had a big one, that’s not easy to find, so I guess she had a good reason to leave”. I was shocked she blurted that out. We were talking more and I asked her if she was single would she go for him. She smiled and said “yeah, he’s my type, I would”. I told her to go tease him a bit, give him a close hug and press her body against him, give him a peck on the lips, and dance with him to make him feel better. She happily did just that. He came up to me and told me “dude, your wife is getting really friendly man, think she’s getting a little out of hand probably drunk” I told him that it was okay, that she heard he had a big dick and told him he could fuck her if he wanted to. He asked if I was sure, then he drunkenly went for it. I told him, just dance with her, then come back to our hotel room with us later. Going up to the room I told him, just whip it out, if she goes for it then fuck her, if she doesn’t then just leave, it’s all good man. He whipped it out and she immediately started sucking him.

    • Did she fuck him? Did you watch? What was it like? Did he cum inside her? How were things between the three of you afterward?

    • I fucked two of my husbands friends one night and I still fuck them at least twice a week now

    • Please show me what he sees.
      Thanks. Anybody else want to share?

    • I had sex with two of my husband's friends. The first one started off awkward as it was new, though I must say that we both overcame our shyness quickly and had some great loving

    • Wow I wish I was him

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