Small penis

I get embarrassed at the gym in the locker room and also at nudist resorts due to my small penis. When needed, it grows to a usable length, but otherwise it's around 2"-3" when soft.

26 days

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    • I have always been embarrassed about my tiny penis when I am soft all you can see is the forskin because the little that I have is up inside of me when I am hard it's about 2 inches long and my forskin is covering the head and I look like a woman with a big clit. When I was in high school the boys in gym class made fun of me and said that I was a girl because I didn't have anything showing between my legs.

    • Your demented and a freak

    • I've always been small when soft. I shrink to where just the head pokes out... So, maybe 3/4 of an inch. My balls stay tight and sometimes retreat into my body. Now, I was a respectable 5 1/2 inches hard until I had hernia surgery. I'm lucky to make 4 1/2 inches long now. I always wear baggy pants because in tight pants or jeans, I have no bulge. It's emasculating.

    • You, my friend, are a GROWer, not a SHOWer.
      I'm about 3 inches soft. When hard, 6" length 5.5" girth. I used to think I had a low/average dick, but found out from a recent study that 6 is a hair above normal and 5.5 is well above average. I feel much better now, even though women always seem fine with my penis size so I shouldn't have worried about it.
      They say guys who have longer flaccid penises do not grow as much proportionately when erect.
      Right before you think somebody will see it, give it a good shake for a few seconds, get the blood flowing down there.

    • I want to suck it and feel it grow in my mouth. Will you please cum in my mouth?

    • Check out Greek statues. Same deal. You’re a classic, don’t worry about it.

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