Teen said everyone's seen my panties, you can too

I was bringing home my teenage daughter from her knee surgery after her high school soccer injury - and helping her get into her bed.
She came home in a hospital gown because her knee was bandaged so thick - her pajamas wouldn't fit.
She is a little tipsy from her pain meds, I understood - which explains maybe some about her behavior.
She hated the gown so she asked me to help her out of it.

As she stood with her walker and turned around for me to untie her gown I saw that her cheeks were mostly bare and her fresh bikini panties were wedged up into her cute teen butt.
I untied her gown and she shrugged out of it, she turned to face me. Geez!- she's wearing the smallest little yellow bikini panties! I couldn't but stare - they barely covered her mound.
I hesitated.....my little girl is standing there in tiny panties and a crop top with the bottoms of her small boobs showing!
She noticed my dilemma - and said, "Dad!, I'm going to need your help for a couple of days. Everyone else has seen my panties - and more ! - for the past 3 days, so I guess you can too!"
I said, "yeah - well OK, but you're a very cute young lady - so I'll try not to stare."
"Dad, you're a guy - you're gonna look! Get over yourself!"
Ah, geez....I sure did. For the next few days the poor kid needed a lot of help - and with her pain meds was even a little innocently flirtatious with me. I did not take advantage of her situation - but it sure was fun trying NOT to look at all the butt, crotch and boob shots with this teenager that week! The bandages kept her in her crazy tiny panties every day....
As a widowed, single dad for 4 years- I often found myself masturbating more than once a day to deal with this half-naked young lady in the house! Yeah - of course I pictured her in my head while beating-off. I was never imagining that we were fucking - never took photos of her...never touched her - but damn it was great fun 'looking" !
Sure glad she gave me the permission to "be a guy" as she pranced around the house half-naked.
I only felt mostly embarrassed at how much I was enjoying all of this!....not totally!
She is drop dead sexy!....and damn those panties are small! Nice nipples, too.

26 days

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    • Nothing sweeter than a teens firm ass and tight cunt!

    • Right....you didn't med her up and sneak into her room for a nice bit of teat sucking and cunt fingering?! We all would have....don't feel guilty....pops! Best to leave her tight little anus alone - she'll know in the morning something funny was going on back there because she'll be strangely sore!
      All teens have sweet moist pussies - even when sleeping - no friction! just don't use more than 2 fingers in her!

    • I did this to my niece when she was 16. Drugged up from wisdom teeth removal. I told her the week leading up to it I was going to do it too. She told me she had been mastirbating to the thought of being taken advantage of by me. The day after her surgery she was loopy and out of it laying in bed in just a little pair of blue panties. I licked her tits, fingered her little clit and then ate her pussy until it was soaking wet while she moaned and groaned helplessly. Then I fucked her hard with my cock and emptied my balls in her.

      We fuck about every other weekend now when she comes to visit. She dates and stuff but she knows who she really belongs to.

    • You're perving on your teens tiny panties......I would too!
      That is a hot stiff-cock making situation for a guy!

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