Piss Watch

Not sure what category to put this in, so here we go. I served in the military for many years. One of the most hated duties was Pecker Watch, otherwise know as a Urinalisys Observer. We'd get randomly selected to do a week at a time. The job was to escort dudes in the bathroom and watch them pee in a cup, making sure they didn't attempt to put fake or another person's pee in the cup. I always played along that I hated it also, but.... I didn't hate it at all. I'm bisexual, my wife knows and participates with me. She loves the extra dick she gets. I seized this opportunity to check out various cocks as I watched them pull out their dicks and pee in a cup while I watched. When I'd do this I would always have to adjust my cock to make sure my excitement wasn't noticed.

Blacks and Latinas always had the biggest clocks and now and then their would be the occasional huge white cock. I never saw a huge Asian cock, most just normal or very small. I loved seeing someone with a tiny cock, a few they could barely reach the cup, so cute and theyd blush with embarasdment.

One day during observation, this really fit cute guy came in, Spanish And possibly black, we stirred up conversation as we went to the facilities to watch him. He was quite feminine and I got so excited to see. During small talk, he snickered and told me I was cute and laughed his very feminine laugh. I just said, let's get this done! So he reaches in and pulls out this fucking giant anaconda and holds the cup to the end. I just stared in amazement. I guess I stared a little too much and he said, do you like what you see. I couldn't say a word, it was a work of art. I just shook my head and replied, I've never seen anyone that large. He finished up and I had an obvious hard on as he put that huge piece of meat back in his pants.

I was so caught off guard and told him, that thing is beautiful. We had a time limit to get back out or I'd have sucked him right there. I handed him my phone and said, put your number in. He labeled his number as Anaconda since I referred the size like an Anaconda when I saw it. I finished the day and went home to tell my wife about the day. As I told her, she pulled out my cock and made me cum, then said, I want that Anaconda in me now! I immediately called him and talked for a few, then told him what my wife said. He said he had the evening free, so I invited him over. When he got there, my wife had made dinner for us and we made small talk. After dinner she interrupted our conversation and said, we all know what you're here for, let's go to the bedroom and continue, shebwanted to see it really bad. As we proceeded to the bedroom, she reached down to Anacondas cock to get a feel through his pants. She just cooed in amazement as she felt his flacid dick. She damn near ripped both their clothes off and fell on the bed making out. I guess I was just there for the show. She grabbed his cock and started getting it hard and when she did it was way bigger than what I thought. Mine isn't much bigger flaccid or hard. I'm about 6". This thing was like 2 inches around and about 11+ in length hard. She sucked him for a few minutes and motioned me to come over. I thought she'd never ask, hell im the one whonfound him! She pushed his cock towards me as a gesture to suck it with her. We took turns kissing, sucking and worshiping this beautiful piece of meat. Anaconda tensed up and a fountain of cum started coming out and my wife shoved it towards my mouth. She knows how much I love cum! She said, you found him, first load is yours. I gobbled as much of it as I could and loved his taste. She took him as he softened and began sucking him again, this dude got hard again immediately. It takes me 20 to 30 minutes to recover most times. Once she got him hard, she said, I'm riding this and she did. It was a beautiful show. He fucked her hard for like 20 minutes, she must've orgasmed 3 or 4 times. This was crazy, with me she was a 1 and done and I'm a solid 5 minute guy! She rode him until he exploded inside her. They fell on each other as they were both winded. She said, hey come here as I was on the edge of the bed jerking off. She said when he pulls out, you better eat every drop of his cum and not spill any of that precious seed. He did and I immediately dove in. As I ate her creamfilled pussy, Anaconda took my cock in his hand and continued where I left off. He then began to suck my cock as I ate my wifes creampie. It wasn't long before she was squirting on my face and I came in his mouth. He came to me and motioned for me to open my mouth. When I did he spit the entire load in my mouth and then came in a we kissed, with boumth out mouths full of cum, squirt and reminents of his cum. We were all worn our and just fell asleep embracing each other. About 630 I woke up to a finger playing with my asshole. It was my wife, she said, you gotta feel this thing inside you. I was both excited and terrified as I'd been ass fucked but not by anything like this! She pushed some lube inside me and then sucked Anaconda until he was hard again. I got ready, relaxed but never could prepare myself for this. He took it slow and when the head entered, I about died. I felt like I was being ripped apart. He kept slowly going in and out until he was able to get it all the way in. I'm not sure how he got that thing all the way in but he did. He kept going slow until I got used to the girth of this thing. I started to reciprocate his movements and he took this as I was ready. I was! He started fuckign me like crazy dogie style and my wife slid under and sucked me as he tore my ass apart. It wasn't long before I was cumming and he kept fucking then exploded in my ass. My wife sat up and gave me a huge cum kiss then Anaconda joined in. We kept this rhythm through the weekend. We have seen him a few more times, but I love it now when I get selected to be the Pecker Watcher! I've found a few more toys to add to me and my wife's collection.

May 12
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    • I'm so jealous of you and your wife! She's a keeper!

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