Sexy phone confession

I once had a brief affair with a female co-worker.
Recently divorced after wife had affairs - I was raising our 3 children.
I'm not bad looking - but my sort of sad predicament somehow made me very attractive to at least the unmarried women I worked with , and maybe all the women!
Anyway - this gal got me over to her house for steak dinners while it was mom's w/e with the kids. On our 3rd 'date' she pretty much seduced me - and took me to her water bed! Hey - I was a healthy horny 29 yr old - and she had these long legs and tight little butt in those short-shorts she always wore!
Anyway - she had been divorced for 6 years......and apparently had had little or no sex in all that time!
So, between the lust we both carried.....we fucked like crazy that night. I mean we went at it, with breaks for snacks and to pee, all damn night!
The next morning as I was leaving I walked up behind her and kissed her a long time on the neck, while I reached around and put my hand right up into the crotch of her tight jeans and dug in and rubbed very suggestively....before letting her go with a nice kiss on the mouth.
She had planned a full day with her family.
Late that night she called from her bed - and shared with me that she "could hardly think straight all day because the crotch of her tight jeans were rubbing her into near orgasms, over and over. What have you done to me?! My pussy is SO sensitive!" she laughed sexily.
Well, I'm thinking..."dear, you could have changed out of those tight Levis after I shoved them up into your cunt before leaving you this morning..."
Obviously - she was enjoying herself too want to!
Later I ate her - for the first time in her life! And she then wanted to return the favor! 69 was next!

26 days

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    • And why was this 'affair' brief? Sounds like you both really enjoyed the sex

    • You had a multi phase all night sex romp, with pee and snack breaks, but didn’t go down on her? WTF?

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